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Meals that Heal – Try turmeric

Lentils are invariably cooked with a dash of turmeric. Make a nutritious soup combining lentils and pomegranate
Turmeric has so many medicinal properties, it is a wonder we still consider it an everyday kitchen spice rather than a herbal sensation. It has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries, as a home remedy for sprains, swellings and wounds and to treat stomach ailments and infections.
In ancient India, all ayurvedic physicians used turmeric (haldi) to treat injuries and wounds. It is such an efficient antibiotic that it not only kills dangerous bacteria in the human intestine when it’s cooked with food, but it can also neutralise parasites when applied as a paste on wounds. And adding haldi to dals is a simple way to allow the body to digest dal better; most dals are difficult to digest and cause gas.
Recently, Austrian scientists reported that haldi protects against liver damage that eventually causes cirrhosis. Curcumin, the active ingredient that gives turmeric its characteristic yellow colour, reduces inflammation that causes liver cell damage, blockage and scarring in eight short weeks, reported Gut, a British medical journal.
Turmeric has been used since ancient times to boost the body’s immune response. In fact, it is one of the few spices allowed in khichidi for babies above six months of age. In 2007, U.S. researchers reported that curcumin helped stimulate immune cells among people who had Alzheimer’s, slowing the progression of the degenerative disease. Later that year, Clinical Cancer Research reported that curcumin effectively blocked the activity of a gastrointestinal hormone implicated in the development of colorectal cancer.
Its anti-inflammatory properties were not only found to relieve the aches and pains of arthritis, but also prevent it, said a study in Arthritis and Rheumatism, the American College of Rheumatology journal. International studies have also shown it suppresses cancer tumours and that people who ingest a lot of turmeric are less prone to the disease.
So how do you include turmeric in your diet? Here’s how: Add it to dals and vegetables. Add it to milk for children along with jaggery. Add it to rice or atta dough, stews and soups, especially if you have runny stools or any infection. Add it to milk if you have bruises and internal injuries.

Numerology Number 13

Numerology have been bestowed on us to resolve the problems of an individual. The persons who have a lucky name number are luckier than those who are born on a lucky date. If the name is not appropriate, even those who are born on a lucky date may not enjoy the benefits of the lucky birth number. Numbers and l…etters are considered to be the two eyes of human beings. The way of nature is that if things are done in the right way at the right time, success will be assured.
Life has a number of problems to face. Such problems can be resolved with the help of numerology. Numerology indicates the various ways in which problems of life can be resolved. It is a science of rare powers. Every letter has a sound and therefore a name emits sound vibrations. All the beneficiaries considered this science as an excellent tool for awakening the masses and lead them to success with a slight alteration in the spellings of their names.
Numerology can be used to uplift people from poverty to prosperity. Highly beneficial results can be achieved by a slight correction of name. Several incurable diseases can be cured through the science of numerology. Change of names produce definite and speedy recovery from ailments. Life will become more successful when they change their names to a lucky name. As we cannot change the date of birth , we add or subtract alphabets from the name to match the vibrations of birth date so that all positive things should happen in life. . How does numerology work? Basically, it analyzes and uses the combinations of the letters in your name and the date on which you were born to give clues as to your character, strengths and weaknesses, natural talents, motivations and life purpose. Numorology help to get back on track and move in the direction you were born to take. By making simple changes in your life that are more in line with your numerology chart you may be pleasantly surpised at how everything seems to improve, things fall naturally into place and you find the happiness you have been seeking.
Business names determine the success or failure of the business, the best date to register the business and can guide when hiring staff members in a business environment to ascertain what you can expect from that person, how they will work together and the results they will give you.
The main idea of numerology services is that it these services help to influence people towards the positive and strong traits rather than negative or weak traits. Numerology deals with the calculation of the future with the help of numbers catering basically to all the individuals having a desire of reaching to the peak. It also deals with realistic use of the basic laws of arithmetic to the material survival of man.

Fundamentally numerology deals with the nine major planets and their planetary positions and characteristic features. When number is in harmony with the number of any other person, the client will experience a harmonious relationship with that person.
When a person uses vehicles like car, or motorcycle with lucky numbers and lucky colours, such numbers and colours prevent possible acciedents. Numerology is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles to be overcome, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. If we use the art of numerology wisely and accordingly, we can channel the powerful vibrations that are universally emitted by the creation of numbers and can be put into a form to which can understand. Thus the numbers will guide you successfully through life.
-The top most political leaders, who could the destiny of their nations, take advice from Numerologists enquire about their own destiny. It is matter of great interest that during the Second World War, Hitler used to consult his Numerologist on many occasions. However, when the Numerologist found that after getting repeated success in battles, Hitler has started ignoring his hints, he stopper serving him.. He then approached the British Prime Minister Mr. Winston Churchill who consulted the Numerologist till the end of the war. It is said that the great Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte used to spell his name as Napoleone Buonapart. But on the advice of a Numerologist he omitted the letters ‘E’ and ‘U’ from his name and heightened the power of his personality, and became the Emperor.-
The name is not just a name but also a form of cosmic energy. It reflects the goals, talents, lessons and debts, in essence, the reasons for being here. Logically. When you practise your name, your name vibrations are activated and reach out to the person/persons you are talking to. Having a correct personal and Business name based on numerology releases positive cosmic energy, thus providing you with growth and enhancing success.
The number 13 brings the test, the suffering and the death. This number brings the bad luck or the misfortune. 13 may surface in the life to see problems in everything. For an examples: In many countries, there is no gate 13 in any airport, instead there is a gate 12B. Many hotels do not have room number 13. Some airplanes skip a row 13, going straight from 12 to 14. Many tall buildings have resorted to skipping the “thirteenth floor”, either by numbering it “14” or as “12”. Some streets do not contain a house number 13. In some forms of motor sport, for example Formula One, there is no number 13 car. Getting married on any day of the week that falls under number 13 is highly discouraged. In the Egypt Tarot Cards there is a picture number 13, which symbolises `Death’.

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Chandra Grahan in December 2011 in India Chandragrahan Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011

Chandra Grahan, Total Lunar Eclipse, will take place on December 10, 2011 in India. According to NASA, the Chandra Grahan is a Total lunar eclipse and is visible in India, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and United States. The Chandragrahan will be taking place in India between 6:16 PM on December 10 to 9:48 PM on December 10, 2011.
Total Lunar Eclipse – the moon is fully covered – is from 7:36 PM to 8:37 PM on December 10, 2011.
The eclipse in India begins during moonrise so the initial phase of eclipse will not be visible in most parts of India.The time is same throughout India as per NASA.

Hanuman Mantra

Powerful hanuman mantra this mantra calls hanuman ji and protects you from black magic, evil spirits and It free’s you from sorrow

Narsimha Stotram Mantras For Protection Shatrubaadha Nivaran Mantra

Shri Narasimha Kavacha – Youtube

What is Moksha?

What is Moksha!??
by Richard S. BrownThough there are many sampradayas in India, many religions, they can all be classified as either dualism or monism. Dualism mukti means entering Vaikuntha and associating with Bhagavan…as in personalism; Monism means merging into the formless impersonal brahma-jyoti. In the Brahmajyoti there is nothing…no you, no God, NOTHING.

Hanuman was offered the latter, i.e., sayujya mukti (impersonal) by Lord Rama Himself, be he prefered “dualism” as in eternally associating with Bhagavan in Vaikuntha. Vaikuntha is Sat-Chit-Ananda. It exists within Brahmajyoti.

Lord Krishna says in the Gita, Whatever one thinks of at time of death, that, and THAT alone, they achieve. So if one thinks of God at time of death, then they achieve Him; but if one thinks (only) of Brahma jyoti at time of death then they merge and lose seperate identity. In both cases there is no more Samsara Chakra to suffer (and enjoy).

According to Brahma Sutra, in BOTH Shankaracharyas’ Advaita Tika as well as four Vaishnava sampradaya’s Dvaita Tikas, the soul does not “cease to exist” – the soul is eternal, sanatan, sat-chit-ananda, and cannot cease to exist. What happens in sayujya mukti is the soul merges with brahman (totality of life) and loses seperate identity, and becomes ONE with impersonal Brahman — but does never cease to exist.

This is what differentiates Brahma-jyoti nirakar sayujya mukti, which is all light (chetan), from the concept of SHUNYA “Nirvan” which is all dark (void). It could be argued that this latter idea is “spiritual suicide” OR even impossible.

But we know from Shastra that there are 3 bona fide paths to mukti, and these relate to Brahman, Paramatma, Bhagavan, the three primary aspects of the Para Brahman. Thus we have jnana (advaita-siddhanta), Yoga (yoga siddhanta??), and Bhakti (dvaita siddhanta).

The Vaishnavas achieve mukhi which is association with God in Vaikuntha which is within the Brahmajyoti, and while realizing their souls true identity as eternal servant, friend, parent or lover (Rasa-tattva) they are eternally seperate from God in quantity, while being identical in quality (sat-chit-ananda) thus enabling “bhakti-rasa” within mukti.

As it says in the Vedanta-sutra, “Antara bhuta-grama-vat svatmanah”—“Within Brahman, (Vaikunta) appears like a village of the material world (has form and rasa, all made entirely of Chit) to the self-realized souls”. THIS is a KEY SUTRA used by Vaishnava scholars.

The Yogis, appart from siddhis, attain Paramatma, which I assume to mean Vaikuntha, but which could be impersonal (I’m not sure!) The Jnani’s eliminate matter (maya) “neti neti” (not this, not that) as being illusion in order to merge into the sum-total of life (Brahman), thereby losing identity, but never ceasing to exist. If sayujya mukti means the “soul cease to exist” then they would call eternally DEAD, rather than eternally liberated. Trying to make the soul “cease to exist” is Shunyavad (Buddhism), not advaitavad. And Shunyavad, if possible, is suicide in the final sense.

Any discussion on this subject requires reference to Vedanta Sutras and Bhagavad-gita, both of which have been explained differently by the monists and the dualists. Making a clear distinction between dvaitavad and advaitavad, based on above praman, allows one to make a knowledgeable choice.

Richard Shaw Brown, PG Musician, Designer, Gemologist & Author

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