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Trek to Kali Gandaki River for collecting Shaligram-shilas

Posted on: November 20, 2008

Muktinath Dham

Bhaktisiddhanta Swami

Muktinath in Nepal is an important pilgrimage site for the devotees of Lord Vishnu as well as to Buddhists offering transcendental liberation from this world. There is a spot with burning natural gas. Muktinath is surrounded by two rivers – the Matsyangadi in the East and the Kali Gandaki in the West. The Kali Gandaki is famous for the shaligram shilas as well as the world’s deepest gorge.

After several years of worshiping the Lord in His shaligram shila form, last February was an opportunity to go visit a few of His homes on the Kali Gandaki in Nepal, from Jomsom, Kanbeni up to the famous Muktinath which is 1000 meters above the sacred winding tributary of millions of Supremes. Anyone who goes or has gone will remember this experience as one of the highlights of one’s life. It is so humbling to have darshan of this unequaled setting of the Lord’s virat rupa of changing skies, snow-capped mountains, and serene townships along the Kali Gandaki providing a constant abhisek of the Lord in one of His most personal and unique forms.

Everyone who visits may have a different time schedule which will determine how long and where you will go. Remember one trip will invite repeated visits. Our journey was a 12 day affair leaving and returning to Vrindavan. If one is going to search for shaligrams then 5 days or so in the mountain areas is plenty for one’s full satisfaction in finding Lords along with the demanding exercise involved in looking.

I flew roundtrip from Delhi to Kathmandu which costs $290 (I went alone… no one else could come). Foreigners pay full fares on these routes. If you have an Indian body the ticket will be around $150. We were blessed with some Maoist uprisings in Nepal, a problem just in certain areas between the government and rebels which brought no danger to tourists but in reality scared most away. This was nice – less people and more nature. Generally February to September can be busy times.

In Kathmandu is an area called ‘Tamal’ where the foreigners all go. It is protective here and provides all kinds of camping and travel accessories that you may need. The prices in Nepal are 1/3 what you find in the West with all the name brands. One can rent a warm jacket or sleeping bag for around 25 Nepal rupees a day, eliminating useless luggage. We spent a few days there which helped with altitude adjustment.

Around the neighboring temples like Pashupatinath (near the airport) and market places many shaligrams are available. Of course it is an offense to place a price or sell a shaligram but there is no harm if they are given to one as a gift.

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10 Responses to "Trek to Kali Gandaki River for collecting Shaligram-shilas"

hare krishna prabhu,nice website.thanku

yours sincerely

hare krishna!

i live in west bengal in nadia, near d birthplace of CAITANYA MAHAPRAVU.i want a shaligram for can i get an authentic shila? plz help me. i am very anxious for it.

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hare hare bol radhe radhea jai ho bajrangi .9614054173

Shaligram Shila-s neither should be bought or be sold or be put a price on it. All are sins according to the Hindu scriptures the person doing this invites immense curse of Lord Vishnu on them for the lifetime.

Namaste Rajdeep,

There are people who would believe in what you just said but yet, there are others who may not believe it. Each to their own cup of tea.

It’s individual karma that determines whether a person or organization can sell or put a price on Shaligrams without incurring the wrath of Lord Vishnu.

All Gods are loving to their children, even if the children commits sins.

May Lord Vishnu bless you and open your mind further.

By the grace of lord bala ji i have shaligram sila’s and i am happy that i am doing there pujan.never search for shaligram swami , he will come whenever you are ready.i was searching shaligram’s but i got nothing.i stoped my searching and started praying and one fine morning shaligram swami came him self.that many shaligrams.thank you bala ji.

Sounds Interesting… It is very informative and I Like this Post….

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