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Benefits of vibhuti & rudrakshNamaste all, 

Applying vibhuti in different points of the body can bring positive
energy. Rudraksh comes in varieties, each for a different purpose,
says Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev



Vibhuti is a tool to enhance receptivity. When applied at different
points of the body, especially points of higher receptivity, one
receives positive energy.

Vibhuti is always taken with the ring finger
as that is the most sacred part of the body. Apply Vibuthi to the
following places for maximum benefit:
Agna Chakra: Between the eyebrows to receive life as knowledge or
Vishuddhi Chakra: Pit of the throat to enhance power
Anahata Chakra: Center of chest, where the ribcage meets to receive
life as love
Just behind the earlobe is a solid bone which runs into a crevice.
If one follows that crevice one can find a dimple where a little
Vibhuti can be applied
Men can apply a little bit of Vibhuti on their right big toe, while
women should apply it on their left big toe

Another powerful tool to
enhance one’s well-being is Rudraksh, the seed of a tree that
primarily grows in the mountains. Rudraksh has a very unique vibration
about itself and is worn for different purposes Rudraksh cleanses a
certain amount of the aura. It can vary from pitch-black to pure
white, depending on the person’s physical and mental health. The aura
is the reflection of who one really is. If one goes to a new place
where the vibrations are completely different, the body may not be
able to settle down.

Wearing Rudraksh cocoons one in one’s own
energies, preventing external energies from disturbing. There are a
variety of Rudraksh available, each for a different purpose. Ekamukhi
or single-faced Rudraksh is for power. However, it is not advisable to
wear it without proper guidance. Dwimukhi or twofaced is for wealth,
while Panchamukhi or five-faced is for well-being. Panchamukhi can be
worn by everyone, irrespective of age or gender. Apart from improving
general well-being, it also reduces blood pressure and keeps the body
calm and alert. Shanmukhi or six-faced Rudraksh is good for children
as it attracts motherly love.\

(20 Nov pg.no6)

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Images and details about 3-faced rudraksha malas:


Images and details about 3-faced rudraksha beads:

3 Mukhi Rudraksha as referenced in books of knowledge




3 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead is Known to be one of the most powerful Rudraksha for stopping all problems created in the past and existing in the present moment and about to take place in the Future. This Rudraksha Bead combined with appropriate Mantras helps to dramatically change a persons life for the better in the 40 days it takes to complete an initial Mantra Discipline. The 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead is a life saver.

Quoting the following from the information referenced in the Highly Auspicious Book titled RUDRAKSA – Properties and Biomedical Implications by Mr. Subas Rai.

In the SIVA PURANA Vidyesvara Samhita Translated by Shastri 1973

Suta said

Rudraksa is a favorite bead of Siva. It is highly sanctifying. It removes all sins by sight, contact and japas

SIVA said

If a man is not liberated after Meditation and acquisition of Knowledge, he shall wear Rudraksha. He shall be freed from all sins and attain the highest goal. A Rudraksha of 3 Faces always bestows means of enjoyment. As a result of its power all lores become firmly established.

O daughter of king of mountains thus I have explained to you the different types of Rudraksas based on the number of faces. Please listen to the mantras with devotion

Klim…Obessiance…3 Faced Rudraksha Bead

In the PADMA PURANA Chapter 57 Translated by Bhatta 1989


The one with three mouths is Fire Himself; the sin earned in the past births of him on whom it remains is burnt as fire burns fuel. A wise man obtains that fruit which is obtained by worshipping Fire or by rites of honoring Fire or by offering the oblation of ghee; and also obtains heaven. He who wears a Rudraksa of three mouths on his body is like Brahma on the earth. It would burn all the sins due to wicked deeds collected in birth after birth. There would be not disease in his belly; he would not be sick. He is never defeated, and his house is not burnt by fire. These and all other fruits are obtained and destructive weapons also are warded off. Nothing inauspicious happens due to wearing of Rudraksa of three mouths i.e. when a Rudraksa of three mouths is worn on one’s person.



The one with three faces is Fire Himself, which on wearing pleases all the three Fire deities.

In the Introduction Section of the Book RUDRAKSA Planetary Correlations and Astrological Implications of Rudraksa are detailed as follows -:

Three Mukhi

Its ruling planet is Mars, which astrologically represents fire. This planet governs blood, head, neck, ears, testis, bone marrow, genital organs, kidney, red blood corpuscles ( RBC ) Vitamin K. This mukhi is supposed to cure diseases such as, blood defect, plague, small pox, blood pressure, weakness, bone fracture, disturbed menstrual cycle, spontaneous abortion, ulcer, wounds, etc. caused by the malefic effects of Mars.

In the Book Gems and Rudraksha by Mr. Anil Gupta he describes the Values and Merits of the 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead as follows

Three Faced Rudraksha has three natural lines. Its ruling planet is Mars and it is the symbol of god Agni ( fire ). The Agni ( fire ) purifies every thing in the same way, the wearer of 3 Faced Rudraksha gets rid of the sins that he had done in his past life and returns to the purely true life. It is the best for those who have fallen prey to inferiority complex or fear stricken and suffer from self hatred or mental strain.

In a short time after wearing it, the wearer feels its influence by attaining success in his efforts, favorable means, learning and knowledge. Its another best virtue is that it makes the wearer free from chronic fever certainly. Modern physicists and allopathic doctors accept that the patient of the fever that comes after every 3 days, is cured.

It contains the Trinity of gods Brahma and Vishnu and Mahesh and the trinity of Gunaas Sattva and Rajas and Tamas and the three spheres The Sky The Earth and The Paatal with their divine powers. For its divine powers this bead is the most sacred and powerful and the best.

Source —> Rudra Centre

Nepal rudraksha Vs Java rudraksha

Rudraksha meaning—the eye of Rudra [Shiva] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven. These beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. The Rudrakasha tree is botanically known as ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS ROXB. Its English name is UTRASUM BEAD TREE.

Rudraksha trees are mostly found in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iran, Java, Timor (Indonesia) and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal. Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% in Nepal and 5% in India. Considered a major stress reliever, reducing circulatory problems and of course as the best beads, the berry (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus) was first spotted in Indonesia and is now grown in Nepal and Hardwar , Srilanka , Malaysia.

Similarity in inner structure

3 mukhi from Java
3 mukhi from Indonesia
7 mukhi from Java
7 mukhi from Indonesia
14 mukhi from Java
14 mukhi from Indonesia
The compartments are clearly visible in Java & Nepal beads.
3 mukhi from Nepal
3 mukhi from Nepal
7 mukhi from Nepal
7 mukhi from Nepal
9 mukhi from Nepal
9 mukhi from Nepal

Rudraksha beads found in Indonesia (called java beads) and those from Nepal are similar in following manner:

Criterion Comments
 Natural Hole Both have natural hole which is a hollow cavity in the centre of the bead, which can be easily cleared manually without need of drilling.
 No. of seeds inside Both have same number of seeds as the mukhi lines. Thus 2 mukhi will have 2 seeds, 8 mukhi will have 8 seeds, 14 mukhi will have 14 seeds etc.
 Range of mukhis Both trees produce the complete range of mukhis from 1 till 21 mukhi, Ganesh, Gauri Shankar, Savar, Trijuti.

These features are not found in Rudraksha trees in Haridwar or South India/ Srilanka, where the beads are found to have no natural hole, and also a limited variety of mukhis is produced in these trees like 1 mukhi half moon, 2 mukhi, 3 mukhis only, and very few beads of 4,5,6,7 and 8 mukhis, and none higher than this.

Testimonials received

  • I found that I actually felt a stronger impact from the java bead which surprised me as it was smaller. The energy from the Nepal bead was also very apparent but different, kind of like the same note but a different octave for those who know music. Also interesting was the energy in both cases felt very similar to that from my red coral. Which is of course for Mars just as the 3 mukhi is also! So it all fits. Also, the difference in type of effect is quite noticeable as compared to the 7 and 14. This experiment has given me faith that the difference in mukhis really does matter and that I am not losing anything if I go with the java beads instead of the nepal beads. I will say the Nepal bead is more impressive visually, and I cannot rule out that my energy system became attuned to the java rudraksha energy type from the mala I already wear thereby biasing me to feel the java energy more strongly than the nepal. Read more

Differences in outer structure

14 mukhi Java       14 mukhi Nepal

Nepal beads are larger in size, thorny with several projections and having deep clear mukhis. The mukhi lines are embedded deep in the outer surface. Sizes vary from 14mm- 40mm with average size 20mm.

Java beads are much smaller in size with smoother surface and mukhi lines visible as white lines from one hole to the other very close to the surface and not etched deep. Sizes vary from 2mm-20mm, with average size 12mm.

12 mukhi Java              12 mukhi Nepal
  Gauri Shankar from Nepal & Java
Gauri Shankar Java         Gauri Shankar Nepal

Differences in properties

  • Scientifically there is no difference between the 2 varieties as they have similar internal structure.

  • It is possible that due to lesser surface area and lesser projections, effects with java beads could be visible after a slightly longer duration than Nepal beads. The effects cannot be measured using any instrument.

  • However testimonials and feedbacks received from clients using Nepal Vs Java beads, have been almost similar. Both have reported excellent results. So seems spiritually there is no difference.

Nepalese beads combination Javanese beads combination

Siddh mala – Nepal

Prosperity bracelet

Ganesh Lakshmi

Siddh mala – Java
Java bead bracelets


All japa malas and the rudraksha bead malas ranging in size from 2mm-14mm (normal and chikna variety) come from Indonesia only. These have been worn since times immemorial for health, spirituality, peace and for mantra japa.

Japa malas

Difference in prices

The prices of rudraksha beads are based on demand and supply . Since supply is limited due to lack of organized farming, the prices varies by demand. At present, due to awareness, the prices of Nepal beads has shown increase every season. Java beads were not promoted as much, so their prices are much reasonable at present.

Selection of beads

Nepal bead

     At Rudra Centre, we follow strict selection procedure wherein:

  • Each bead is tested for genuinity, high quality, energy levels and uniformity.

  • We deal in only the highest quality beads which are clear, uniform, lustrous and free of damage.

  • We deal in fresh season beads which are not processed in any manner.

  • Then beads go through energizing rituals using vedic mantras. Light sandal paste and sandal oil is applied to them in this process.

  • The energized bead is ready to be shipped to the client.

Java bead

Question :  31 October 2008

Can my child wear my rudraksha

— In, “bikramjitpandher”
> Guru,
> I have some rudraksha which I use to wear. Now they have been in my
> pooja room. Can I give those to my children to wear them
> thanks
> Bikram


If the beads have been left the puja room and unworn for a long time,
its fine to give them to your children for wearing. However, its
essential to first wash them in very mild soapy water. Then let the
beads dry in a warm area of the home. This may take 2 or 3 days to be
completely sure they are dry outside and inside.

Next pour some oil on a bowl or plate and use a soft toothbrush to oil
the beads. Drain the oil with kitchen paper towels. Perform a simple
puja to Shiva at the altar, asking Him to bless your children. Waft the
beads through incense then let your children each hold the invidual
bead you are giving them. Tell them to recite Om Namah Shivaya 9 times
and then put on the rudrakshas.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Two beads on top of each other connected naturally, representing Lord Shiva and Parvati. Two naturally joined Rudrakshas, called Gauri Shankar is regarded as the Unified form of Shiva & Parvati. It expands the Universe of consciousness . It makes the husband and wife identify each other. Therefore it is regarded the best thing for peace and comfort in the family. If a man worships Gauri Shankar the pain and suffering and other earthly obstacles are destroyed and the peace and pleasure of family are increased. Read More

Mantra: “Om Gaurishankaraya Namah”

14 mukhi Rudraksha is the most precious divine gem – Deva Mani. It is said to have born from the eyes of Lord Shiva. The wearer is honoured by Gods due to the merit of this rudraksha . Ancient texts also mention that Lord Hanuman rules 14 mukhi rudraksha . It awakens the sixth sense organ by which the wearer foresees the future happenings. Its wearer never fails in his decisions. Its wearer gets rid of all the calamities, miseries, worries. It protects from ghosts, evil spirits and black magic. It provides the wearer safety, security and riches and self power. It is a very powerful antedote for Saturn miseries and provides miraculous cures to several ailments. Recommended to be worn on chest, forehead or right arm. Read More

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