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Simple Re-energization Process for Rudrakshas

The easiest method of cleansing the beads is by
washing them with spring water or Gangajal (Ganges Water) and wipe
dry.  Put the beads on a plate to dry in a warm area of the home. 

After they are completely dry in a day or few days, oil the
beads with sandalwood oil mixed with almond, avocado, olive or other
carrier oil. 

Light an oil lamp and some incense. Waft the rudrakshas
around the oil lamp and through the incense while reciting Om Namah
Shivaya at least 9 times.

Om Bholenath
Rudraksha Re-energising 

13757, 5 Jan 2007

Namaste, its best to re-energize rudraksha beads and malas 
whenever you feel a strong need to do so. However, some people 
do it every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months as a ritual or a habitual thing. 
Please use your Upaguru as a guide.  Generally, it will be good to 
re-energize at least every 12 months.  Don't wear for years before 

Its good that you keep cleaning your beads and malas often and oil 
the beads at least every 3 months. But if you can oil the beads once a
month, its even better.  This is utmost essential in maintaining rudrakshas.
Maintenance and oiling will prevent insects from invading the beads 
and laying eggs.

In fact when rudrakshas are maintained properly and with care, 
they will last for thousands of years and be passed from generation 
to generation.

Jai Shambho

From Rudraksha Societies Beads Club (RSBC):

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