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Rudraksha devotee, enthusiast and collector. Interest in Yantras, Lingams and other Hindu sacred items.  My blog contains various types of information about Gods, Goddesses and topics on religious and spiritual matters such as pujas (prayers), chakras, temples, the 9 planets and their associated gems, and mantra yoga.

Please note that this blog is also a compilation of different material excerpted or copied from other sites.  Where the source is known, it is always acknowledged.

As more information becomes available, more texts will be added.

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thank you for such a wonderful and comprehensive blog. I am very much enjoying this journey, and your site has become a great source for me.
In Peace,

Thank you Samala, I’m happy to know you find my blog to be a great source for you. Please check back whenever you have time as there will be more information added regularly. Wising you every success on your spiritual path.

Very interesting and useful blog-site.
I have sent your post on namakama camakam to my friend who has been searching for it.
I will also link to it from my
Delighted to visit.

Thank you Satya, glad you found this blog interesting and useful.

thank you so so so much. i am from Romania but i am very interested in old culture and civilization. India is my life
thank you very much

According to the Linga Purana, lingas are made of different materials. It is believed that they were made by Viswakarma and offered to many gods. Could you pls tell me the different lingas that Viswakarma made and to which God they were given? Do you have the Puranams in ebook ? Thanks and Regards

Lingas come in different materials such as Narmada shivling from Narmada River in Nepal, Parad (Mercury) shivling, sphatik (crystal) shivling and marble. The largest natural crystal Shivling called “Earth Keeper” is in the Iravan Temple in Hawaii. Type Iraivan temple or Himalayan Academy in a search engline and you will be able to find some text and a few pics of it by scrolling around. Shivlings represent Lord Shiva in all His Forms thus Lord Vishwakarma, Architect of the Universe assigned them to Shiva who has many names (108 or 1008, use search engine to find the names). For example the names are Bhairava, Bholenath, Nataraja, etc. Shivlings are symbols of Shaivism. Sorry I don’t have ebooks on Puranams.

Om Namah Shivaya

divine Narasimhaye,
your post on rudraksha (well, all of them really, but especially rudraksha) is so informitave and well written, is there a way to get ahold of you so we can share this beautiful wisdom on our website?
with respect and gratitude!
suryadasi devi

Namaskar Suryadasi Devi,

You are welcome to copy and paste whatever you wish from my blog. I’d been very busy with several new assignments and thus didn’t have time to add to the subject of rudraksha. At the moment my posts are rather limited. If you are interested, you are also welcome to join my rudraksha forum and search at the Files Section:

Alternatively there is the Audarya Fellowship site that saves and copies some of my replies to seekers about rudraksha. Sorry I haven’t got their url but please use a search engine and I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.

Best wishes & God Bless,


gratitude narasimhayaji!
this is so helpful and appreciated!
we are very happy to share your articles on our website!

have joined the rudraksha group, gratitude! it is blessing to connect with others who are using rudaksha for spiritual connection and health.

love and light!

Namaste Suryadasi,

Good to know you’re interested in sharing my articles on your website and that you’ve joined the rudraksha forum. Please scroll through the Files Section to find Question and Answer topics as well as other information about Rudraksha.

Best wishes,
Om Namah Shivaya

Great blog. I have found it very informative. OM Namah Sivaya

Hello – My name is Nivant. I live in U.S . I have an American Friend who is going through very bad phase of her life. She is sentenced to 10 yrs in Prison on Drug charges. She is innocent. I got her horoscope done and it said that she is going through shani dosha. Can you please help me that how can i perform shani podia so that she is out of jail.

Namaste Nivant,
Sorry for the late reply to your message. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s predicament. Shani pooja is best done by a qualified priest. Best wishes to your friend and I hope her problem will be solved by the grace of God.
Om Namah Shivaya,
Best regards

I meant shani Pooja. It was a typing mistake above

hare krishna prabhu,you have such a wonderful website.I am also trying to creat small website with admire of you. but it is of only shaligramshilas deities.
So i will check your sites time to time.

your servant

Namaste Ankit,
Thanks for your nice message. I like your website very much. Its great! The shaligramshila pictures are wonderful. Keep up the good work.
Om Hari Hara,
Best wishes

thanku narasimaye prabhu ji for you reply, jay shree krishna,om namo narayana

Namaste Prabhu Ji,

Happy New Year to you. May God bless you with happiness, peace, good health and prosperity always.

Best wishes,

thanku narasimha prabhu, thanku for new year wishes,om nama shivaya, jay shree krishna
happy belated new year ,god shiva and narayana blessing always to u.
please visit my small website narasimaye prabhu ,jay shree krishna.jay shree pashupatinath
hare krishna
for sri shaligram bhagwan –
thanku narasimhye prabhu,see u.
om nama shivaya
jay shree krishna

thanku narasimha prabhu, thanku for new year wishes,om nama shivaya, jay shree krishna
happy belated new year ,god shiva and narayana blessing always to u.
please visit my small website narasimaye prabhu ,jay shree krishna.jay shree pashupatinath
hare krishna
for sri shaligram bhagwan –
thanku narasimhye prabhu,see u.
om nama shivaya
jay shree krishna
om namo narayana

Thank you and God bless you thousand-fold for good wishes. Wishing you good fortune and all the best for New Year.

Could you post Dr. Madhuri Mahadevans contact

Dear Sushama,

I don’t know where to contact Dr. Madhuri Mahadevans. Please try to use the Google and other internet search engines in India to find him.

Best wishes

Hello sir…i js saw ur blog..overlooked it.very interesting n i loved it..hatss off to u sir.

Namaste Sir,

Thank you for your kind words.

Om GuNg Ganapataye Namaha
Sincerely yours,

Hello sir…i m a girl..i m a doctor by profession..may i knw whether there is ne mantra to b always young and gorgeous??pls let me knw…n also ne mantra for positivity n success..thanks in anticipation…


Try the mantra below for looking young and beautiful:

Using a Ganesha mantra for positivity and success is one of the best:

Om GuNg Ganapataye Namaha

All the best,

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