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There is alot more to meditation than just learning the techniques. It is an entire state of mind and a whole different way of looking at the world. To help you understand this, we present a series of informative concepts.

Devipuram awakens the goddess in you. In contrast to other places of worship, you can request and receive worship as the embodiment of a living Goddess yourself here. It is located 30 km from Vizag city, 25 km from airport and 13 km from Anakapalle rail station.
Come here to learn authentic Chakra Pujas according to the great Datta avadhuta tradition which sees divinity in nudity. You can learn the techniques of how to do and receive puja to the body of a living Goddess. Download many excellent learning tools: audios, books, documents, pictures and videos from this site for free or for a donation.
Devipuram is home to the largest Sri Chakra in the world, 108′ x 108′ x 54′. You can actually walk into it and see many life size sculptures of Khadgamala shaktis nude. One thousand devotees can do Rudrabhishekam individually to 1000 lingas at the same time in Dakshavati. Couples desiring conjugal bliss or children worship Ananda Bhairava Linga in the form of an unhooded phallus in hill temple. Kamakhya peetham in the form of a yoni along with Goddesses of Dasa Maha Vidyas bless Shakteyas. Regular rituals are performed for Ganapaty, Shyama, Chandi and Varahi, and Lalita, main goddesses of the Sri Vidya tradition. A Pyramid meditation center overlooks the scenic beauty of the place. An open-air auditorium offers a weekly venue for fun, music and dance competitions for youth to enjoy and make friends.Events
International seminars on yoga and tantric rituals, cultural events, corporate workshops, community marriages, upanayana, etc are held frequently here. A calendar of events and Guru tours is available on this website. Ambitious projects for making Devipuram a place of excellence are under way; the project is called Manidveepa.

Hundreds of devotees and fun seeking youngsters visit Devipuram every day for doing pujas, learning tantra in the temples; relax or have fun in the gardens. The rush season is from Oct. to Feb. Ganapati, Sharada Navaratris, Brahmotsavamin Kartika Punnami, New year , Siva Ratri, and Guru pournami are the festive seasons attracting lakhs of visitors every year.

Beaches of Vizag,. Buddhist monuments of Bojjanna Konda; Lotus ponds of Kondakarla; a thousand year old temple of Man-Lion form of Vishnu in Simhachalam are all within 1 hour by cab. Stalactite and stalagmite caves at Borra, tiger reserves and tribal villages of Araku valley are within 3 hrs from Devipuram. You can visit all these easily in three days.

Cottages, Suites, Rooms, Dorms, Domes, for overnight stay for families and groups participating in workshops are available in standard and economy rates on the property. The prices range from about Rs 200 to Rs 50 per person for lodging depending on availability. A Cafeteria serving veg meals and a Bouquet for buying divine articles are available on property.

How to reach
By Air: All major cities Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata have daily flights to Vizag. Book early to get low fares. Paramount, Jet, Kingfisher, Air India have good flights. From airport, take a cab, go to Sabbavaram, on towards Anakapalle 5km, turn at road sign 1km.
By Rail: Get down at Vizag 30km; or nearer, Anakapalle 13km.
By Road: 5km from Sabbavaram, and 13 km from Anakapalle; Devipuram road sign is on the road between Anakapalle and Sabbavaram. From it, go 1 km inside on a smaller road. The roads are good.

Contact Info
Devipuram: Suresh (+91 99517 62052), Prema (+91 99518 84383)
Vizag: Sunita (+91 98859 16580)
Guruji’s Personal E-Mail:

Web site all about Durga:

Rudra Centre or

One of the top experts on rudraksha in the world.  Provides the best quality rudraksha beads, different rudraksha malas, parad (Mercury), Shivalingams, yantras, Shree Yantras, deity statues and many other holy items.

Also provides a free rudraksha, yantra and gem recommendation based on birth details.  The astrologer is always busy with requests.  Please be patient and wait up to 1 or 2 weeks. You will get a reply directly from him.

One of my favourite links maintained by a dear spiritual brother in the U.K.

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