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Ganesh Patra Puja

Posted on: December 3, 2011

Ganesh Patra Puja

om pramathaganapataye namah punnag patram samarpayaami

om panchasyaganapataye namah jaajipatram samarpayaami

om gajasya ganapataye namah sevantikaapatram samarpayaami

om dhira ganapataye namah sugandharaajpatram samarpayaami

om kandarpaganapataye namah mallikapatram samarpayaami

om shaktiganapataye namah champakapatram samarpayaami

om veeraganapataye namah ketakipatram samarpayaami

om viswaksenganapataye namah bakulpatram samarpayaami

om aamodganapataye namah paatali patram samarpayaami

om rudraganapataye namah dronpatram samarpayaami

om vignaganapataye namah rasaalpatram samarpayaami

om ekdanta ganapataye namah pravaal patram samarpayaami

om duritharaganapataye namah kamal patram samarpayaami

om lambodarganapataye namah kallhar patram samarpayaami

om prasaad ganapataye namah nilotpala patram samarpayaami

om bhaktavastal ganapataye namah dattur patram samarpayaami

om brahm ganapataye namah daadimi patram samarpayaami

om visnu ganapataye namah paarijaat patram samarapayaami

om esha ganapataye namah uudhikaa patram samarapayaami

om kshiraprasaad ganapataye namah karaveer patram samarpayami

om sankasthara ganapataye namah swetaark patram samarpayami


2 Responses to "Ganesh Patra Puja"

Dear sir,

i have heard kuber mantra is “om Dhham namah”is this right or wrong

Dear Chetan,
Kubera Mantra is as follows:
Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya,
Dhanadhanya Deepataye Samruddhi Dehi,
Dapaya Swaha.

Kubera Gayathri Mantra which is also very useful is:
Om Yaksha Rajaya Vidhmaya
Alikadeesaya Deemahe
Tanna Kubera Prachodayat.

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