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Hope and Happiness

Recently someone shared this with me:

Everybody complains that their lives are the worst,

But it depends on how you think

Happiness isn’t far from you..

It is in our hearts,

There is always hope and happiness even in difficult situations.

(Let’s always think positive and that way, we can attract positive energies into our lives.)

Smooth roads never make good drivers.

Smooth seas never make good sailors.

Clear skies never make good pilots.

A problem-free life never makes a strong and good person.

Have a tough but winning day ahead!

Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.

Do not ask life, ‘Why me?’

instead say, ‘Try me’.”

– Unknown —

FATE by Sri.Venkatachalam

FW: Courtesy of Ravishankar Gopal, 2007

Dear Members,


1. What is fate?

2. Should one believe in one’s fate or should one
continue doing his karma and not worry about fate?

3. Can one’s fate be overcome by WISDOM / INTELLECT /
or by Scheme?

Many of us have the above questions and also have
Scorn views about fate. But, they do not know what
exactly fate is?

Let me explain, as per the karma theory that “All
Actions have corresponding Reactions.” It is like
when you throw a ball on to the wall, it comes back in
just the opposite direction with the same force with
which you threw it and similarly all our good and bad
actions bear fruits – whether you like or believe it
or not the divine laws will not change. Depending on
the type of actions, one gets good results for good
actions and Sinful actions do return sinful results.
Thus, we are the authors of the reactions of all our

It is clear, therefore, that if you want good
results, you must engage in good actions. However,
all actions do not produce reactions immediately.
Some get stored and come to us at some other time as
per the universal law – may be in this birth or even
next, depending on the purpose for which the action is
performed and the type of actions performed (whether
good or Bad).

These accumulated results of our actions are called

Then you may question

1. Is it that Good actions always produce good results
and bad actions always bring in bad results?

2. Is there any law, which decides about the
chronological order of the happening of results since
We find some people doing bad actions enjoy life and
some doing good actions suffer?

To this, we have to explain the “Karma and Fate”
theory further in the modern scenario. for example.
Let us take a hollow pipe, opened at both ends. Go on
pushing stripes of cloth with different colours, one
after the other. Let us say White represents good
actions, Black represents bad actions and other
colours as a mixed actions ( good and Bad). You push
Black coloured stripe first, then Red, then Green,
then White, then Blue etc. etc. through one side of
the hollow pipe. When you fill the full pipe length
with such stripes of cloth and then try to push
further stripes into it, what happens? You first get,
out of the other opening of the pipe, the Black stripe
first, then the Red stripe, then the Green, then the
White and so on. Can you control the order in which
the stripes are coming out of the other end? No,
isn’t it? What went first comes out first. This is
natural and is called universal theory. Now, it is
clear that we have “No control over the results but
only have right to decide about the type of Actions”.
Clear? This also explains why some one doing bad
actions enjoy life and some doing good suffer. While
you are pushing White stripe from one end, what you
see on the other side is the Black stripe. Why? You
have already pushed Black first and when you are
pushing White, the one comes out is the first one
pushed. So when one does in this world now good
Actions (White stripe pushed in) he gets bad results
(Black stripe coming out) and so on. The first
accumulated results are based on your earlier actions,
the reaction is being seen or enjoyed now. Whatever
you do now, will reap results later. This is the
theory of Karma and Fate.

Now we have to look into the last question: “Can we
conquer Fate by our Intellect (Buddhi)?”

The answer is both YES and NO. Let us see. We have
seen that we have no control over the results of our
actions, they are happening as per universal law “As
we sow, so we reap”. Based on this, I can say we
cannot win over Fate through Intellect. However, we
can definitely win over Fate through proper
Intellectual planning of our actions now to produce
desired results. Good actions produce Good results,
Bad Actions results bad results and so on. Now, You
decide and shape up your actions accordingly and you
will then get the desired results. However, we have
also seen the chronological way in which results come.

Whatever accumulated results are there due to our past
actions are called “PRAARABHDHA KARMA”. Whatever
actions we are at present doing are called “SANJEETHA
KARMA”. Whatever actions we may be doing in future
are called “AAGAAMYA KARMA”. In this, we have seen
through the analogy of filling different coloured
stripes into an open pipe, that what colour went first
comes first. Therefore, whatever colours have already
gone through the pipe earlier are equivalent to
“Prarabhdha”, whatever colour we are at present
pushing into are “Sanjeetha” and whatever we will be
pushing later are called “Aagaamya”.

Now tell me, where do you have control over your
actions in this process? You cannot have control over
the colours that have already gone into the pipe,
since no pulling out is allowed (meaning once you
perform a karma the result is already decided and you
cannot undo a karma performed). But, you have control
over your present pushing (present actions) and can
decide about the order in which you want to push them.
This is possible by intelligent planning of your
actions. Use your mind, mould your actions to produce
good results and thus win over the results indirectly.
However, there is a limitation. Your Mind
understanding of our scriptural sayings is already
limited and your present Intellect may not guide your
present actions properly. Nevertheless, the very
determination to do good actions will make you learn
the scriptural sayings and will mould your actions
into good to some extent. Thus, the present actions
can be moulded to some extent. However, in your
Future actions, you mould your character with good
thoughts developed by the learning you gain in the
present by reading and understanding our Vedas and
contemplating on the Truth (God). This super Knowledge
will naturally govern your future actions which will
definitely be good and produce good results..

Thus to sum up , you have no control over the results
of your past actions (Prarabhdha); have a limited
control (limited by your coloured understanding of
Dharma) over your present actions (Sanjeetha) and full
control over your future actions (Aagaamya). You are
not really winning over FATE but you are moulding your
FATE by having a control over your actions. And so
we need to do our duties as said by Lord Krishna to
KATHAACHANA”. Meaning, you concentrate on your Duties
without desire and do not worry about results, leave
it to me.

Radhe Krishna

Salutation of the Dawn


Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day! For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the Verities

and Realities of your Existence.
The Bliss of Growth, The Glory of Action,

The Splendor of Beauty; For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived makes Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!”


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