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Mantra to become more Attractive

Posted on: April 20, 2011

to become more attractive 


Pah-d-mah Soon-dhar-yera Nahm-ah-hah)

Om and salutions to She who
personifies beauty.

After a 40 days of mantra discipline, ten to thirty
minutes twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening , we may actually
seem to become more physically handsome or beautiful and

Mantra to make the personality more

Om Maha Lakshmicha Vidmahae

Vishnu Patnicha

Tanno  Lakshmi Prachodayat

(Om Mah -hah Laksh-mee-chah
Veed -mah-hae

Vish-noo Paht-nee-chah Dee-mah-hee

Tah-no Laksh-mee
Prah-cho-dhah-yaht )

Om and salutations to that primordial Lakshmi,
spouse of Vishnu, kindly impel us toward that elevated state you

Mantra to develop the powers of Lakshmi

Shrim Siddhayei Namaha

(Om Shreem Sid-hah-yea Nahm-ah-hah )

and salutations to She who releases magical abilities within.

If you are
doing business or a leader in a government in any country this mantra will help
you to solve problems . Your leadership will be founded on compassion and
steeped in right thinking and positively affect hundreds or even thousands of

Source: Posted by Kilan Kirenadar on Rudraksha Beads
Societies Club

205 Responses to "Mantra to become more Attractive"

It sounds like this man is a brute or maybe he has multiple personality disorder if he’s nice to some people and horrible to others.

Maybe he has financial difficulties or other problems that he feels ashamed of telling people. He’s using you as a punching bag which is domestic violence. He shows disrespect to your parents which is not good Karma.

Many women would’ve dumped this sort of guy long ago instead of putting up with him.

Perhaps you should both attend relationship counselling together or separately to find out what’s really wrong. If he refuses to take this step to salvage your marriage then it’s no use continuing with this relationship.

In any case, I wish you the best of luck. There’s no harm going out with your family and friends. Who knows, one day someone will introduce a genuinely nice man who sincerely loves you and shows tespect towards your parents.

Thank you……..

Hi Narasimhaya Sir,

Thank you so much sir.Sir can you please tell me is there is any mantra to become very Good cook?


<there is no mantra to be a good cook. You can learn from books or pray to goddesssaraswatito bestow you with blessings so that you can learn cooking easily. She is the patron goddess of the arts and sciences. This includes home science or cooking too.

Thank You so much sir…… :D


Hi sir how are u

I’m fine, bless you.

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