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All rudrakshas need special care and maintenance at least once every
3 months depending on the climate and temperatures where you live.
If the climate is hot and you sweat a lot, and also if the mala or
bead collects a lot of grit, dirt or dust, wash them once a month or every 2 months.

14 mukhi rudraksha and above are high mukhi beads that cost more than lower
mukhis.  Special attention is essential as to their upkeep. When rudrakshas are maintained properly and regularly, they last for hundreds, even thousands of years
and can be passed from generation to generation like heirlooms.

When washing the beads, soak them in spring water with a few drops of
Gangajal (Ganges water) with a bit of lemon juice to preserve
lighter colors of the beads if you don’t want them to become darker.
If this is the case, there is no need to use soapy water at all.

Brush the beads with a toothbrush, then put them in a warm area to
dry. Be patient and wait 1 or 2 days for them to get totally dry. If
its rainy and damp, wait 5 or 6 days to be completely sure. If it
rains for many days, then wait longer. Its best to be patient and
wait, rather than get impatient and go straight to the oiling process.

When the beads are truly dry, mix some sandalwood oil with a cold-
pressed carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, extra virgin olive or any
oil of your choice.  Cold-pressed oil is highly recommended as they do not go rancid. Use a soft toothbrush for oiling the beads.

After oiling, use kitchen towel paper to drain the oil off.
Afterwards, go to the altar, light some dhoop sticks or incense and
an oil lamp, make some offerings to Lord Shiva or perform a puja if
you wish. Recite “Om Namah Shivaya” 9 times and put the mala on.

Friends who are interested can find a Rudraksha Maintenance Kit here:

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