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Indra Mala Sadhana

Copied from Rudraksha Beads Societies Club (RBSC).  Message dated 12 January 2009.

Dear Srikanth,

There are many forms of sadhana that can be done while wearing Indra Mala.  Its essential to wear the mala for as many hours as possible during the day.  At night, it should be taken off and placed on the altar.

For a beginner in sadhana with wearing Indra Mala, he/she must be very sure he wants to commit to performing it everyday for 365 days (one year) at least.  Best to do the first year and see what happens before doing it the second year. 

How soon the effects will take place largely depends on the sadhak’s karmic propensity with Indra Mala.  Some see results quicker and some people get benefits later.  But its worth a try.  It must be done with utmost bhakti and concentration on the mantra.  There are 2 Shiva mantras that you can choose from:

a)  Om Namah Shivaya

b)  Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om.

Once you have chosen the mantra, you must stick to it.  Its not advisable to change mantra halfway through the process.

The simplest sadhana is to firstly take a bath in the morning and wear fresh clothes.   Place Indra Mala on a silver plate upon the altar.  Surround it with flower garland if you can find it.  On the first day of sadhana (begin on Monday), make offerings including fruit, flowers, curd, honey, sweets, milk, camphor, ghee lamp and incense.  Recite the mantra 108 times with a Japa Mala.  After the first day of offerings, they can be made weekly for one year (52 weeks).

During the sadhana period, many things will come and go, some insecurities become stabilized, impurities are removed and you will also gain a sense of heightened spirituality.  Treat this as the most important as its like a connection with God the Divine. 

Some material comforts may come but remember that this is “God’s Money” and you are only a custodian.  But you can make donations to worthy causes such as orphanages, old people’s homes, feed poor people, donate to poor hospitals and to temples that are run down, etc. 

Eventually things will unravel more and more in different ways.  Perhaps you may even gain financial improvement BUT you must always pay debts on time and DO NOT spend unnecessarily NOR borrow money unnecessarily.

When you become well-to-do one day, you MUST look after your family, relatives and perform SEVA for your local community (do good deeds by visiting elderly people who are lonely in nursing homes, bring them food or something, sit and talk with them for a little while). 

After the first year of sadhana, take a rest of a couple of months.  Then if you wish to perform second year, this is an elaborate process:

In the above link, its puja for Lord Shiva.  But you can substitute Lord Shiva’s murti with Indra Mala for putting on chowki (pedestal).

Hope this helps.

Om Bholenath
— In, “Srikanth Jyotula” <shreekaa@…> wrote:
> Dear Narasimhaji,

> Can you please give me the details of the sadhana and how to perform it. I
> own an indra mala and currently my spiritual levels are high and I want to
> take them to the next level.
> Please guide me in this regard.
> Thanks and regards
> Srikanth

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