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The 12 Vasati Yantras/ Meru Chakra – Vasati Pyramide

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A Study of Spherical and Plane Forms (pdf format):

The Power Of A Mantra


What is a mantra?

A mantra is a sequence of words that are chanted repeatedly to produce a desired result.

As per Hindu belief, everything in this universe is ultimately energy.The energy takes form when associated with the five elements or “panchdhatu”.”Panch” means five and “dhatu” means element. These elements are air, water,soil, fire, and ether. All things, once formed, eminate waves or vibrations of various frequency unique to it. 

We are all therefore, surrounded by our energy field, and attract and repel other energy fields as per our thoughts and actions. All this manifests into the reality of our lives and living situation.  

This concept can be easily understood if you think about how a televion or a cell phone works. The sound waves or picture waves are all present in the atmosphere but you can’t see them. The antenna of these electronic devices can, however, pick up these waves and produce the desired results of a particular sound or a particular picture. 

Mantras are a unique combination of words that produce certain sound vibrations both in your body and the environment around you when chanted. A positive result or feeling occurs when the mantra vibrations resonate with your own vibrations. This in turn attracts more of what you are focusing upon and helps to manifest it in your reality.

How many times should you repeat a mantra?

Mantras are usually chanted as many times as is convenient for the devotee. It is often said that God will come to your aid even if you call once with love and devotion. However, ideally one needs to repeat a mantra 108 times continuously. Many times one can also make do by repeating a mantra 5, 11, 25, 51 or 101 times. Continuous chanting makes the mind steadfast in its pursuit and helps focus on his or her goal.

What is a rosary?

A rosary is like a neckless made with 108 beads. The beads help the chanting person keep count of how many mantra repititions he or she has uttered. A rosary is made of different kinds of beads that focus on various aspects of different Gods.

What is the language of a mantra?

Hinduism uses Sanskrit as the medium of language for most mantras. It is said that Sanskrit is the language of the Gods and pure in every way. Each mantra is made of specifically chosen words that produce certain vibrations which in turn produce the desired results. It is therefore, necessary to concentrate on the correct pronounciation of each syllable and produce the right sound. 

Things to keep in mind:

Some things to keep in mind when chanting a mantra are:

* One must take a bath and be pure and clean. 

* Find a quiet and clean place for chanting.

* You should face the sun or east.

* Try to chant early in the morning when the environment is fresh and you still have not eaten.

* Keep your mind fixed on your goals and when ever your thoughts wander, try to bring them back.

* Light a “Diya” or incense sticks or candle to help you focus.

Power of Karma:

In Hinduism great stress is put upon the concept of Karma. Simply put karma is what you do. Its the actions you take in life. It is said that every person goes through many cycles of births and deaths till one has collected enough good karmas. Through various life cycles what sticks is your karma. All bad actions will be punishable and all good actions will be rewarded. Only thing is one does not know when the rewards and the punishments will occur. It is therefore, important to remember that one is what one does. Even though you may have thoughts of various kinds and you may speak of differing view points, what matters is what actions you take.

Concept of “Prarabdh” or before life:

The concept of karma and various cycles of births and deaths lead to the concept of “Prarabdh” or before life. It is often seen that many good people have to suffer in this life while many bad people seem to have a happy fulfilled life. Why? Its their “Prarabdh” or accumulation of past karmas that are manifesting in this life. One must therefore, never feel miserable or hopeless but continue to take good actions. The rewards will surely come. Also all bad people will also face the results of their karma at some point.

What should one expect?

Your chants will definitely produce the results that you are focusing upon. However, it is said that that various people see various results as per the karma or “prarabdh” they carry. Still the chants have the ability to hasten good results, produce lots of good karma and definitely benefit the devotee towards their desired goals. It is therefore, said in Hindu scriptures, take action and leave the results upon God. Positive and confident mindset with great love and devotion produce the best results. May Ma Lakshmi bless you and answer all your prayers.


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