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Rudraksha Dowsing Therapy by Dr B M Purandare

Posted on: November 2, 2008

Rudraksha Dowsing Therapy

by Dr B M Purandare


Dr. Purandare was a world famous gyneic surgeon from Bombay (Mumbai) and was awarded ‘Padamabhushan’ by Govt. of India. Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Ms. Lata Mangeshkar, daughter in law of King of Nepal, etc. are the few examples from his list of patients. Dr. Purandare has written his autobiography ‘Shalyachikitsak’ in Marathi language. He has mentioned about his wonderful experiences about this mystic bead and his ‘Rudraksha Dowsing Therapy’ in this book from page nos. 110 to 112. About his experience > Dr. Purandare says : ” I went to Delhi to meet my friend. I had told my friend not to disclose about my visit to Delhi since I required some rest. My friend’s ‘Guru’ was to come to his place for few days. He came on the next day. He was a person with a pleasant personality. Many people who knew about his visit also gathered there to take his advise and guidence to solve their various problems. I was sitting quietly in a corner of the hall. Guru had one Rudraksha pendulum in his right hand and was busy in solving the problems by practicing ‘Rudraksha dowsing’ on palm of his followers. After some time, Guru noticed my presence and called me near to him. He told me to open my right palm. He then hold Rudraksha pendulum on my hand. It started moving very fast in a clock wise direction. Guru asked me, what type of work I do ? I told him that I have a small factory in Bombay. I also told him, ” I often come to Delhi to meet my friend Mr. Gupta who helps me to get some contracts”. Guru said, “This Rudraksha tells me that you should leave your business and start studying medicine. You will become a world famous doctor. You will earn lot of money and name in the field.” Dr. Purandare says, “It was a shock to me. I told the Guru that I am already a medical doctor and a surgeon and not a businessman”.

Dr. Purandare says, “After this interesting experience, I started collecting information on this mystic bead . I made a Rudraksha pendulum using commonly available good quality ‘Pancha Mukhi ( 5 Mukhi) Rudraksha bead in a silk thread’. I started studying dowsing on a human body. It gave me wonderful results. I then started taking help of this ‘Rudraksha pendulum’ in solving some critical problems in gyneic surgery. Medical field was not much developed that time as it is today. I could get correct idea about the health status and possible complications in surgery by Rudraksha dowsing. It also helped me to get correct idea about abnomalities in uterus, abnormalities regarding umblical cord around the foetus, etc. Accordingly, I started fixing my surgery strategy for a particular patient. Rudraksha dowsing also gives correct idea about abnormal tissue growth like that of a cancer by giving different types of movements of the pendulum on healthy organs and on diseased organs. I presented this research work in world symposia on surgery. I also popularised this by means of lectures, articles etc. in the medical field. I regularly started keeping this Rudraksha pendulum with me”. Dr. Purandare has mentioned that three types of people can be classified based on Rudraksha dowsing, 1) it moves in a clockwise direction (round movement) 2) it moves like a pendulum from finger tip to the wrist and 3) it does not move and remains stand still. He says, Rudraksha dowsing is a reaction to the aura of a human being.

Dr. Purandare has further mentioned, ” I went to Calcutta for some work. One day Dr. Chakraworthy from Calcutta came to my place and requested me to inagurate his hospital. I accepted the invitation. I went to his hospital. I was under impression that it might be a gyneic surgery, however, after reaching there I noticed that it was a cardiac surgery and Dr. Chakraworthy was a cardiac surgeon. We were talking about medical field. Dr. Chakraworthy told me that he read about ‘Rudraksha dowsing’. He also added that he does not belive this. He then gave me a challenge to give correct picture about few of his cardiac patients using Rudraksha dowsing. I accepted the challenge. There were five to six patients who had undergone cardiac surgery. By studying Rudraksha dowsing, I could able to give him a correct picture of his patients in detail. Now it was a great surprise to him”.

Dr. Chakraworthy himself then started studying Rudraksha dowsing for cardiac surgery. With these studies, as mentioned by Dr. Chakraworthy, he also started using this to get idea about the possible complications in the cardiac surgery, and to fix the strategy for surgery accordingly. Dr. Chakraworthy also presented his research work in few world symposia on cardiac surgery.


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