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Simple Worship of Yantras

Posted on: January 14, 2009

The yantra can be re-energized by another purohit or by yourself at home.  Here is a procedure for :

Simple Worship of Yantras

a)   In the morning after having bath, start with a clear and positive mind frame.

b)   Find a place on the floor in the puja room facing east where you will be undisturbed.

c)   Light incense and diya (it does not matter how many you light).

d)   Place fresh flowers and fresh fruits on the altar.  Make other sweet offerings if you wish, such as honey, sweets, milk, curd, etc.

e)   Place the yantra alongside the deity of the yantra (if you have it) and your Ishta Devata.

f)   Take water with any leaf from any tree and sprinkle it on yourself followed by sprinkling on the yantra.

g)   Surrender yourself and ego completely to God and chant the mantra of the yantra for 21 times.

h)   Close your eyes and concentrate on the deity of the yantra to bless you in whatever endeavor you are trying to achieve.

By the way, here is the link to good information about yantras:


Om Bholenath


56 Responses to "Simple Worship of Yantras"

I bought a sphatik crystal pyramid to worship in the pooja place. I couldnt figure out its main face? Can I face it towards east? I have placed on brace plate. I should suppose to give only water to it and flowers around the corner? After worshipping do I need to adorn it by red cloth? I would to very thankful if you help me
if you have any other advice to worship, please help me as soon as possible.


Sphatik Yantra can be faced East if you wish. Try to use rose water instead of plain water for worship.

Yes flowers can be used to adorn the Yantra’s base. Light ghee lamp or candle and incense during worship.

After pooja cover the Yantra completely with red or orange cloth.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for answering my query. I have some few queries below. . Hope you reply us as soon as possible.

How could I know guinune sphatik crystal pyramid? How to test its genuineness? I recently bought crystal pyamid costing Rs 1500 . Can we worship everyday offering water or rose water? As you said to give rose water instead of water, could you say how rose water is better than water? Can we worship after worshipping all other goddess?
Can I worship using red tika ? Which day should we start if we are using for the first time? Can we say mantra after watering, incence and flower? Is this the mantra Ohm hreem shreem namah with eyes open? How many times should we suppose to say at least? Can we give water everyday? I am confused because different people have written different view in internet. Hope you will suggest me.

Sphatik is not expensive. Hence suppliers don’t bother to make fake Sphatik Yantras. Rose water has a sacred scent and it’s suitable for worshipping all devis.

As Sphatik Yantra is feminine, it will be attracted by rose water which will Please it or appeals to it. Yes you can worship it after praying to other devis. Red tika can be used.

If worshipping for first time start on a Friday. Recite the mantra with eyes closed and count mantra on Mala for 108 times. Yes water can be offered everyday if you wish.


Can I use same sphatik mala for jaap purpose and wearing around neck after charging it? And i decided to wear it on friday morning. Does it necessary to wear it on sukla pakchaya? Since my venus is weak, does it work as diamond?
I have some confusion why people suggest to wear gems in finger than using as a pendent? Hope you answer as soon as possible.


Yes you can use sphatik Mala for japa and wear everyday around your neck. It’s a substitute for diamond since your Venus is weak.

Some people prefer to wear gems on fingers and others prefer to wear Mala.

It also depends on how much you can afford to spend. Gems for fingers are very costly. You need to be practical.

Namaskar and Thank you once again. My crystal pyamid dont have face so how to face it towards east? Suggest me please.
We 5 members of the family are going to worship crystal pyramid . We are supposed to cover sphatik pyamid with red or yellow cloth 5 times or who worship at the end will cover pyramid once only. Please reply


All faces of the Sphatik Yantra are the same. Any face placed towards the East is fine. Every time it is worshipped by someone, this person should cover it with cloth.

Namaskar, I want to ask you one question. I wear sphatik diamond cut mala without sumeru to strengthen my venus but unfortunately its string broke and one bead has broken into two pieces. Now I have total 107 beads. Do you suggest to wear 107 beads mala or I should better wear 106 beads or 54 beads? I need your advice in this regard immediately pundit ji.

At the same time I am also doing jaap of round shaped sphatik mala in the morning.


On Saturday, April 25, 2015, Narasimhayes Blog wrote: > Narasimhaye commented: “All faces of the Sphatik Yantra are the same. Any face placed towards the East is fine. Every time it is worshipped by someone, this person should cover it with cloth. ” >

A proper Mala should have 108 beads. If there is no 108 beads, Please ask your supplier to string 2 extra beads to the Mala with one more extra bead with a tassel (this is called the Meru).

It’s fine that you’re doing another japa with a round-shaped Mala in the morning.

Namaskar and thank you very much for helping with my answer. Can we find diamond cut loose 2 beads easily in the market ? Please reply me sir.

Regards kriisty

On Sunday, May 3, 2015, Narasimhayes Blog wrote: > Narasimhaye commented: “A proper Mala should have 108 beads. If there is no 108 beads, Please ask your supplier to string 2 extra beads to the Mala with one more extra bead with a tassel (this is called the Meru). It’s fine that you’re doing another japa with a round-shaped Mal” >


Diamonds cut into two faceted beads can be obtained from a good jeweller but it will be too expensive to buy. Diamonds are sold by points or carats. The bead size will be in carats which will be costly.

Best to enquire at Rudra Centre website. You can find this site by using Google search engine.

I have if the one same mala can be used for jaap as well as wearing around neck? Or I need two mala for two purpose? Please clear me


Preferably two Malays for two purposes because they are different.

Actually I need to wear panna for strenghthening mercury. Why many astrologerd suggest to wear on finger? Can I wear as a pendent and does it work effectively when wearing as a pendent?
Which one gives effective result; wearing on little finger or as pendent? Please suggest me.


I would be thankful to you if you reply my ques.


Already replied. I’m not online everyday. Please be patient and wait.

Namaskar Sir,
How can we get benefit if we place tortoise ( how many) inside money shape?
Could we use stone tortoise or crystal tortoise is better? Please tell me which one is better?

Thank you

It’s best to use crystal tortoise. Fill it up until it’s full. This should attract good luck.

Thanks. I am not clear what are you trying to convey by this “fill it up until its full. Please clarify me sir.

Means fill up money box until it’s full of coins.

Fill up money box till its full.

Hello Sir/Madam,
If one has weak mercury in the horoscope can they wear emerald without any doubt? Please suggest me. My brother has weak mercury, how can one be sure whether he is wearing genuine emerald or not? Please suggest me.

Thank you

Yes your brother can wear emerald with no problem. To get genuine emerald he has to go to a reputable gemologist or jewel shop which has pundit to advise him. He can also try this website:

I attempted to ask that how one can distinguish the emerald is real or fake?

Only a qualified gemologist or reputable jeweller can distinguish whether an emerald is genuine or fake.

I read articles of emerald in internet yesterday. A real emerald when water is dropped down in emerald if it doesnt spread in it , we can say it is genuine emerald and if it spreads its fake. Can we distinguish at home ourself in this way?

Do you suggest cutting emerald for astrological purpose? Please guide me .


Yes you can determine at home using the water method. Fake emerald can be made from materials that disintegrate when dropped in water.

Yes emerald can be cut for astrological purposes.

I attempted to ask that simple regular oval shape emerald or irregular oval emerald . Which one do you suggest for astrological purpose? As I saw irregular emerald in your page?

Both regular oval and irregular oval shape emeralds can be used for astrological purposes. It’s a matter of personal choice and which emerald an individual is attracted to.

If the weight is 50kg how many carats should an individual

Ask an astrological guru about the 50g. However if an individual wants to wear the full 50g it’s better to wear as pendant with the chain reaching down to solar plexus, in other words, this pendant touching solar plexus would help.

I tried to ask that if the weight of the person is 50 kg, which carat emerald should wear as pendent and can we wear emerald in crystal mala so as to touch solar plexus?

Lol, I thought you meant 5g emerald. Never mind, if weight of person is 50kg, he can wear between 1 carat to 3 carats in crystal Mala touching down to solar plexus.

How will it get benefit if we touch solar plexus or why we need to touch solar plexus? If we take in ratti how many rattis should he wear in pendent? Does emerald stringed into crystal mala having 108 beads gives good result? Is it necessary to place emerald in gold or we can just string loose emerald in mala. Lookingfor your guidance.


Thank you for guiding me. Barma origin emerald costing Rs 1200 per ratti effective for astrological purpose to wear as pendent? Looking for your guidance.
Thank you

Yes wear as pendant.

. I belong to virgo sunsign and Scorpio moon sign and my element earth sign ,jestha nakchaktra.Now I need your help to buy color of wrist watch for me.

Sir, could you please do my name numerology correcting in spelling of my name.


I hope you understand that this is a Blog here for spiritual information only. It’s not a numerology service. I’m not a numerologist. I’m sorry I can’t help you in this regard.

Regarding the purchase of a wristwatch for yourself, please choose it according to the design or color that you are attracted to.

Hello sir,
Can emerald stringed into crystal mala having 108 beads gives good result? Is it necessary to place emerald in gold or we can just string loose emerald in mala. Lookingfor your guidance.

Yes emerald can be strung on 108 beads sphatik Mala. This gives good results. It’s ok to set emerald in gold.

Can we wear sphatik mala in such a way the sumeru touches down to solar plexus for astrological purpose?

Answer is No.

Do you mean sumeru should be on back neck? Please tell me why we should not touch sumeru down to solar plexus?

Sumerian means mountain. It should be on top near head. Not at bottom near feet.

I have read if a person has weak moon placed in the chart, placing peacork feathers inside the house reduce its bad effects on the person. If its true, where and in which direction should we place?

Hello Sir/Madam,

I would be very thankful to all of you if you guide me of my last two queries.


Hello sir/madam,
Do you recommend to wear panna whose weight is 54 kg weighing 3.5 carat who need to wear long life? The panna looks transparant in the light and its reflection seems good as i can clearly see my finger in light. Is that genuine emerald. Please reply asap .

It sounds like genuine emerald. However it’s best to take it to a qualified person or institute of gemmology to verify before you buy it.

In India there should be an Institute of Gemology that can help clarify whether it’s genuine or fake. Look in the phone directory or search on the Internet for its details. Good luck to you.

But around the corner of the emerald I can see some substance like light blackish oil present. When I move the panna the substance moves towards the same direction and when I take the panna to the sunlight I can see like green tall trees at the centre . Regarding its price its total costs only Rs4000 . The panna weigh 3.5 carat.

In this case it sounds the emerald is fake. Genuine high quality emerald do not have spots, oil or pictures of trees inside them. You need to buy from a reputable jewellers shop and pay the right price which will be higher.

There is not a single spots but I can see green reflection in sunlight. I just guess if it is oil but I am not sure whether it is oil or not. When seen from naked eyes it looks dark green clean transparent . Also when I show finger in front of panna I can see my finger. Only prob is I observe some fade blackish substance around corner but not spots of carbon.

Please take your emerald to a jeweller or a pundit for verification. You keep describing it but I can’t see it in person. Thus I can’t tell you whether it’s genuine or fake. No use to keep asking me. Good luck to you.

Hello sir,

I gave a query regarding vaastu of kitchen. We have been cooking facing exactly towards south and our gas stove is on south which doesn’t have window. Please give me its easy remedies as it is difficult to change its position now. Hope you will help me in this regard.

Can you please consult a Vaastu master? I’m not able to give you any tips as I don’t know Vaastu.

Please consult a Vaastu master. I don’t know about Vaastu, sorry.

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