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Pradakshina for Hanumanji

Posted on: November 16, 2008

Pradakshina for Hanumanji


rajendra prasad

Fri Nov 14, 2008 at



The reverse Pradakshinam is performed if having an unsettled problem for a quite long time.It should be strictly done for a Mandalam (41days) Without break.

It is assumed that before you complete this Mandala Apradakshina your problem is solved. Now you have to do the Pradakshina for same Number of days at the same temple again without break. It is normally advised to do 101 Apradakshinams and if suppose ur health or physical condition is not helping you u can do 41 or a minimum of 9..The resuilts are fast if it is done at SriAnjaneya, SriGanesh or Lord Nrisimha Temples….

On 11/8/08, Naveen”>> wrote:

Sat Nov 8, 2008
hi all..

Yeterday when i visited temple i was shocked as 1 man was doing pradakshna for hanumnaji…

regularly we will do it from left to right but he was doing it from right to left…i got surprised and asked him why r u doing like that..then he told his guruji told to do the same for 41 days….but i was not able to ask reason why he was doing like that…’

please can any one explain what it means and the reason for the same and the outcome what we call doing the pradakshna from right to left…

Om Nama Shivya , Naveen

1 Response to "Pradakshina for Hanumanji"

hanu man ji pradakshina will solve the Navagraha doshams very much
Hanuman pradakshina will solve papagraha doshams like sani rahu ketu and kuja u will see the difference

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