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Brylee Todd from Rythminya Website

Posted on: November 16, 2011

Brylee Todd from  Rythminya Website

Dear Friends,

When I was in hospital and in a coma for 5 days, I received absent healing from Brylee Todd.  Subsequently, I came out of the coma and gradually recovered step by step although it took a few months.

This is a link to Brylee’s site:

Best wishes

Om Shanti




4 Responses to "Brylee Todd from Rythminya Website"


Thank you so much for your attention to my website and my healing.
Carol has told me that you are still in a lot of pain, and have to wear a neck brace.
I only hope that somehow, someway, you will get relief from this in the future.
I would love to converse with you thru e-mail if you would like.
I did a lot of work finalising the website and flyers etc… last year, and this year is the time for me to go out into the world with my philosophies. I will be starting to run workshops on truth and how to be happy. It takes courage to go within and shine the light on our dark spaces….
Well my dear, what do I call you? Nartashimhaye? how is that pronounced?
I look forward to hearing from you.
In gratitude.

Dear Brylee,

I shall pass your message to Simone who is one of my friends. She is the one who was in hospital and who told me about you doing absent healing for her. Yes she continues to wear a neck brace and still experiences pain. We all hope too that she will get relief in the future too.

It’s wonderful to hear you will go out into the world with your philosophies this year. May the New Year bring you every happiness, success, prosperity, good health and wealth. I wish you every success with your workshops.

You are most welcome to post any material here that you wish, such as information about your website or flyers, workshops, etc.

Wishing you all the best,

Sorry about my typing. Your name is narasimhaye. I would love to know how to pronounce it. Names have energy and it’s important to pronounce it correctly.
With thanks

Dear Brylee,

The pronunciation is like this: na-ra-sim-ha-ye. This nickname is derived from the Hindu God called Narasimha which is half man and half lion who is a great protector. Please do a Google on the name and you’ll learn lots about Him. May He protect you in all aspects of your life too.

With good wishes,

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