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Bija Akshara

Posted on: November 16, 2011

Bija Akshara

A Bija-Akshara is a
seed-letter and is a very powerful Mantra. Every Devata has his or
her own Bija-Akshara. The greatest of all Bija-Aksharas is OM or
Pranava. It is the symbol of the Paramatman Himself. OM contains
within itself all the other Bija-Aksharas. There is no Mantra
superior to OM. This triliteral sound is only an expression or
manifestation of the highest primal Dhvani or vibration.

The Bijas of the five elements, namely Ether, Air, Fire, Water and
Earth, are Ham, Yam, Ram, Vam and Lam respectively.

meanings of a few Bija-Mantras are given as under :

consists of three letters: ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’. They signify the three
states of consciousness, the entire existence. ‘A’ is the waking
state or Virat and Visva. ‘U’ is the dreaming state of
Hiranyagarbha and Taijasa. ‘M’ is the sleeping state or Isvara and

In this Mantra, Ha is Siva and Au is
Sadasiva. Lord Siva is worshipped with this mantra.

Da means Durga. U means to protect. This is the Mantra of Durga

Kalika Maa is worshipped with this mantra. Ka
is Kali. Ra is Brahman. Ee is Mahamaya.

This is the
Mantra of Mahamaya or Bhuvanesvari. Ha means Siva. Ra is Prakriti.
Ee means Mahamaya. Nada is the mother of the universe. Bindu means
the dispeller of sorrow.


This is the
Mantra of Mahalakshmi. Sa is Mahalakshmi. Ra means wealth. Ee means
satisfaction or contentment.

This is the Bija-Mantra
of Sarasvati. Ai means Sarasvati.

This is the
Kamabija. Ka means the Lord of desire (Kamadeva). Ka may also mean
Krishna. La means Indra. Ee means contentment or

In this Mantra, Ha is Shiva. U is

This is the Ganesha-Bija. Ga means

This is a Mantra of Ganesha. Ga means
Ganesha. La means that which pervades. Au means lustre or

This is the Bija of Narasimha. Ksha
is Narasimha. Ra is Brahma. Au means with teeth pointing upwards.



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