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Remove Negative Energy

Posted on: November 13, 2011

Remove Negative Energy

The foundation of the cosmic universe was formed to include a multitude of diverse energies. Each of these energies are structured in opposites, for example, good and bad,  negative and positive, light and dark, happy and sad, life and death, etc.

Throughout our life journey we will at some point come into contact with some or even all of these energies. The most problematic of these, is negativity. This energy complicates they way we live, think, feel and can even reduce our life expectancy.

Why do we attract negative energy in the first place?

* We all have a magnetic field which draws energies toward us.

* We attract these energies no matter what type they are, by how we feel and how we think.

* If we feel sad or depressed, then we attract negative or low energy.

* If we feel happy and on top of the world, positive energy is attracted to us like a magnet and everything goes to plan and life becomes easier.

* All that we see physically and even what we cannot see (the causal), is made up of energy; people, animals, plants, the earth, the universe and all the planets, stars and everything in between.

Negative Energies can be neutralised and our fields can be cleansed by performing a few simple techniques.

But first, where do these negative energies come from?

* Other people (if they don’t like us, or disagree with us) their negative thoughts are aimed in our direction.

* Ourselves (low self esteem, stress, anger, jealousy, etc.)

* Negative entities are attracted to negative people and can be difficult to remove. They may come from a previous incarnation or attach to us when we are feeling low. This type of negative energy is best cleansed by a professional Healer.

* Our thoughts generate energy which surround us and our auric field. You may know someone that is feeling low and you can intuitively feel this negative energy, it surrounds them (their aura) and in turn this energy affects everyone around them. It can repel friends and family, especially those with heightened intuition.

Energies leave imprints or negative impressions behind, whether its from illness, financial strain or depression. This lower vibrational energy can be easily felt and often drains us of our own positive energy. On the other hand, when you meet a positive person or walk into a positive house/space it gives us a happier feeling and we can actually appreciate our surroundings and their company.

Feelings are energy, thoughts are energy, we are energy, the earth is energy, the universe is energy. Every object is made up of energy vibrations.

But, how do we change our energy from negative to positive?

This is where crystals, incense, candles, smudge sticks and most importantly, our thoughts are brought together to cleanse our aura and the space we live or work in.

Crystals to use are:

Agate = Protection

Amber = Cleanses the Environment

Black Obsidian = Protective

Black Tourmaline = Protection

Celestite = Angelic Protection

Goldstone = Transmits Thoughts

Chiastolite = Protection and Emotional Balance

Fire Agate = Courage and Protection

Hematite = Protection and Grounding

Labradorite = Banish all Fears

Rainbow Obsidian = Protection Against Psychic Attack

Smokey Quartz = Transforms Negative Energy to Positive

Snowflake Obsidian = Brings Negativity to the Surface for Healing

Tiger Iron and Tiger Eye = Releases Fear from the Solar Plexus Chakra

Use these crystals on their own or as a combination for extra protection and healing. To purchase any of these stones, please go to our search bar on the front page at:

Negative Thought Forms

Have you heard the phrase I am my own worst enemy?  This leads us to our thought patterns which we have formed over many years, often set, negative, unrelenting thoughts. Take time out to analyse your thoughts. Do you find they are consistently negative toward yourself or others?

A change to positive thought forms, is a learned practice and we often require a reminder to stay positive. Practice each morning when you wake up by saying a simple affirmation, “today I will stay positive and keep love in my heart toward myself and others”. Stay positive = attracting positive people and events into your life.

Positive thoughts = happy and healthy life.

Protect Yourself

From the negative energy of others. This can also take some practice, but a simple visualisation can erect a protective shield around us. Practice this regularly:

Sitting comfortably, visualise a stream of golden light entering through your crown chakra (top of head). Feel and visualise this golden healing light fill your body from your feet right up to the top of your head, allowing the bubble of your aura to be filled also. Feel its warmth and positive healing energy. Now close your crown chakra and retain this positive energy throughout your day. Affirm “I will remain positive and I only accept positive unconditional love into my energy field.”

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