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Healing With Tumbled Stones

Posted on: November 13, 2011

Healing With Tumbled Stones

In many countries around the world gems or gemstones have been involved in many different beliefs and legends throughout the years. There have been countless tales and fascinating stories about the mystic powers of precious gems and varied gemstones.

Gemstones are widely believed to bring fame, good luck, and love – even release you from bad karma and life’s negativity. Divine Crystals’ gems, semi-precious and precious gemstones can be used to assist healing by individual zodiac signs, chakra healing and feng shui (placement of specific stones around the house or office).

According to our beliefs, the universe has 3 qualities – colour, light and motion. Every living thing emits radiation, which travels through space as waves and pulses at different frequencies. And so, each different gem or gemstone has its own unique colour and vibration that works like a magnifier to concentrate and focus light and its own special healing energy into our bodies.

Facts about Gemstones

It is generally believed that our body is composed of special vibrations and seven different colours (Chakras) – indigo, violet, green, blue, orange, yellow and red. Many diseases are often caused by an imbalance of these colours or suttle energies in our bodies. Colours from natural gems and gemstones, scientifically chosen by experts at Divine Crystals can help in every aspect of your life due to the beneficial light and energy that these gems radiate when used in the right way.

It’s been found that each gem radiates a colour that heals the aura that encircles every one of us. This aura exists in seven states – physical etheric, astral, lower mental, higher mental, spiritual causal, intuitive and divine or the absolute plane. Healing rays emanating from gems add comfort and serenity to our lives as they create harmony both in the body and our aura. This leads to a healthy and conducive atmosphere leading to positive results in all aspects of our lives: health, wealth, power and fame.

Each gem or gemstone from Divine Crystals is a source of specific rays which are never exhausted, even after years of use. Over a period of time constant use of beneficial gems and gemstones are said to help to transform negative behavior patterns, break bad habits, and remove destructive relationship dynamics. Gemstones can also reverse negative patterns from our past that could perpetuate harmful physical or mental conditions.


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