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Vishnu Sloka

Posted on: November 4, 2011

Vishnu Sloka

Lord Vishnu is considered as the chief god in Hindu religion and
Indian mythology. Vishnu, the preserver, forms the part of trinity gods. Vishnu
Slokas form the part of prayers offered to the lord. Vishnu Slokas/ Shlokas are
as follows:
“Kaayena Vaachaa Manasendriyairvaa
Vaa Prakriteh Svabhaavaatah

Karomi Yadhyadh Sakalam Parasmai

Naaraayanaayeti Samarpayaami”

Meaning: The literal meaning of the mantra is: “I offer
everything to Lord Vishnu (Narayana); whatever I do with my body, words, mind,
limbs, intellect or my inner self whether intentionally or unintentionally. I
bow to the great lord, Vishnu”.
“Shaantaakaaram Bhujanga Shayanam Padmanaabham

Vishvaadhaaram Gagana Sadrisham Meghavarnam

Lakshmiikaantam Kamalanayanam

Vande Vishhnum Bhavabhayaharam
Meaning: Lord Vishnu is the personification of peace, who
rests on the Shesha Naag. The Narayana, from whose navel the Lotus springs and
whose complexion is swarthy like the clouds. The God, who is the beloved of
Goddess Lakshmi, whose body shines with divine splendor and whose eyes are like
Lotus. I bow to the lord, Vishnu Narayana, who is meditated upon by the yogis
and who is the remover of the fear of the world-cycle.

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