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Parvati Sloka

Posted on: October 30, 2011

Parvati Sloka

Goddess Parvati is the divine consort of Lord Shiva, the
destroyer. Gauri represents virtue, fertility, marital felicity, asceticism and
power, as per the Hindu mythology. Parvati is worshipped by women of all ages
and is considered as an auspicious goddess. Slokas on Hindu goddess Parvati form
the part of prayers offered to the goddess. Parvati Slokas / Shlokas are as
“Sarva Mangala Maangalye, Shive Sarvaartha

Sharanye Tryambake Gaurii, Naaraayanii Namostute”
Meaning: Goddess Parvati is the auspiciousness of all
that is auspicious. She is the consort of Lord Shiva, who grants every desire of
one’s heart. I adore such Devi Parvati, who loves all her children. I bow to the
great mother, who has given refuge to me.
“Maata Cha Paarvati Devi, Pitaa Devo Maheshvara

Baandhavah Shiva Bhaktaacha, Svadesho Bhuvanatrayam”

Meaning: Goddess Parvati is the mother and the divine
father is Shiva. The devotees are the children. The world is the creation of
these divine beings and we live on the land of such celestial beings.

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