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Narmada Shivaling Worship

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Narmada Shivaling

is for every common man. Shiva lingas are like fire, Lord Shiva keeps doing
penance – jwaalaagni – the fire of penance blazing all over him & from him –
so, we always keep him cool – he is also called Abhisheka Priya – bathing divine
elements is called Abhisheka in sanskrit. The more you bathe him, the more happy
he is.

Lingam Pooja is done daily with abhishekas (Divine Bathing) with
fresh milk, Fresh Curd, aromatic herbal powders & water chanting the
following mantra :




Light incence and offer dhoop. After bathing the
linga, wipe them gently with a designated cloth – apply some sandal powder
moistened with little water to bring it to a paste form & vermillon. Rudram
chanting pleases Lord Shiva which is either recited or played during the
abhisheka (Divine Bathing).

The above process is the Puja and if done
with a pure heart & consciousness & true aspiration, the Lord will
certainly accept it.

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