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Nandi Puja

Posted on: April 20, 2011


simple Nandi Puja can be performed by bathing Him with Gangajal (Ganges Water),
rinse with rose water, wipe dry and apply sandalwood paste. Offer incense and
oil lamp. As Nandi is loyal to Lord Shiva, when you chant Om Namah Shivaya,
Nandi is sure to bless you too.

Here’s some other

“One of the important facets of this worship is cleaning
up the Nandi sanctum in the temple. Make sure you do not use any sharp
implements or your finger nails in the cleaning process. Do it with utmost care.

Apply coats of sesame oil and coconut oil to Sri Nandi’s divine frame.
Apply turmeric paste and sandalwood paste and circunambulate Him 108 times. This
is the first part of Nandi worship.

Recite all your improper thoughts,
evil dreams and the like in the ear of Lord Nandi. Whatever secrets you may be
bottling up within yourself, tell them to Sri Nandi. You may be wondering that
if you mention it to any human, it may have adverse effects. You may feel that
you can’t tell it to any soul. That’s ok, but don’t bottle them up inside you;
just reveal all these innermost secrets, irrespective of whether they are good
or bad, to Lord Nandi and request expiation from Him for these improper
thoughts, desires and secrets. Sri Nandeesvara will do the needful and take care
of you.

In the days of yore, people sought expiation for a day’s bad
karma. Thus they did not accumulate any bad karma at all. Because of their
conscientous efforts to lead a karma free life, they were promoted to the post
of pithru devas. We should try to emulate this. Daily Nandi pooja is one of the
ways of achieving this. Make cure you circle Sri Nandi’s sanctum everyday.
According to the Siddhas, this is very important. Lord Nandi is the patron saint
of all bulls everywhere.”

Om Mahaakaalyam Mahaaveeryam

Shiva Vahanam Outatmama

Pratham Vande

Nandishwaram Mahabalam


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