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Method of Counting Beads

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Method of Counting

the counting of beads, should be done after covering the mala. A mala should
always be kept in a cotton bag (Gomukhi). During the counting of beads, the hand
should be inside the gomukhi. While counting mantras the mala should not touch
the ground at any time. There is another method for Japa:

Take a copper
bowl filled with water. Hold half the beads of a mala in the hand and allow the
rest of the beads to remain dipped in the water. Now cover the hand with a cloth
and begin the japa. After completing the japa (reciting mantra), this water
should be sprinkled in the house, the courtyard and then drunk for attaining
happiness and salvation.

Mantra for the attainment of final salvation or
religious perfection should be recited by revolving the rosary with thumbs and
the Index finger (also called Tarjani, i.e. first finger or the finger of
Jupiter). The finger of Jupiter is also used for destroying enemies. Mantras for
peace should be recited with the help of the thumb and second finger (also
called Madhyama or finger of Saturn). For the attainment of mantra siddhi, use
the thumb and third finger or ring finger or finger of the Sun). The thumb is
used for final emancipation. The finger of Jupiter is for prosperities through
trading and business. The finger of Saturn is for wealth and happiness. The
finger of the Sun is for peace. The anamika or finger of Mercury is for all
types of mantras and achieving siddhis. Revolving a rosary with the thumb,
middle and ring finger helps attain peace and mental tranquility.


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