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Posted on: April 20, 2011


Mantras vibrate on Your Health

work directly upon our karma: the accumulated latencies and tendencies with
which we are born. The vibrations of these ancient formulas work through the
chakras to increase the flow of beneficial energy throughout the subtle body
where these latencies and tendencies are stored. Mantra therapy starts by
increasing the total amount of energy available for all of our activities.
Certain mantras used singly or in combination can greatly accelerate the quality
and quantity of energy used in the healing process. However, if the karmic
propensity for a given condition is overwhelming, mantra therapy will not remove
the difficulty any more than conventional therapy will. In this case, mantra
therapy work will still lessen the karmic baggage you take into future

The energy created through mantra practice may lead one to forms
of therapy quite different from the ones used initially. Thus, some unexpected
new form of treatment may appear as fruit of mantra practice. Investigate it.
Ultimately, we do not know through which door the route to recovery might
manifest, and it maybe in some form of conventional or traditional care of which
we had been previously unaware.

How To Conduct Your Mantra

Though you may desire immediate results to become visible
from your dedicated mantra practice, most results take time to manifest. Minor
difficulties might be affected in as little as two weeks, but more deeply rooted
problems can take longer to begin to achieve noticeable results.

all mantras in the therapy session for 108 times each in one sitting. For each
of the two intensive therapies included it will take one hour to complete. Do
the practice every day for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 40 days. The
full forty-day program will produce the best results. For deep-seated problems,
a 120 day program is recommended. At the end of your program, stop daily
chanting and take a break for at least one week.

Mantra is an invocation
or a mystical formula, which aids the person to release the self and attain
bliss and ultimate fulfillment. The sounds involved in a Mantra are themselves
significant for they generate in the individual an unusual mystic power. Mantra
produces a set of vibration in the surrounding atmosphere & its force
depends on the attitude of the person as well as the intensity of concentration.

Mantras are performed through faith, the results of which cannot be
analyzed measured, weighed, seen but are felt. The force of Mantra can be only
felt. It should be performed with due faith and all rituals, then it is
fruitfull. You must have complete faith in Mantra you are reciting and must know
its meaning. Do the things as per prescribed methods. You will experience
sensation and vibrations during or at the end of Japa, this is a sufficient
proof to believe. Mantra requires faith, Japa, hard work as per laid dictums to
realize the desire do objects and vibrations. Each Mantra has a different use,
the vibrations of sound create desired reactions within the body

Recitation of Mantras with a prescribed number of times at different
timings to give desired results. There are three ways to perform

UPAMSU JAPA: It is the method where Japa is done very
slowly so that nobody can hear it. Only lip movement should be

MANASIC JAPA : The Japa carried out only in the heart
without any sound or lip movements.

VACHIK JAPA : In this method
you can recite the mantra in a low, medium or high tone of your

Astroshastrahas tried to explain the Concept and types of Mantras
with the assortment of Mantras which one can use in his daily life and get
benefits from them.

Philology (the science of language i.e., sound) was
born of the 14 sounds. With these 14 sounds that vibrated and emanated when Lord
Shiva, in his happier mood, played on his favorite ‘damaru’ (a percussion
instrument). With these 14 sounds (the sutras)as the basis, Panini, the
greatest grammarian, wrote his Astadhyayi (or Maha Vyakarana), the greatest and
the most important compilation on Sanskrit grammar. Many scholars have commented
on his work and such commentaries alone are enough to constitute a large
library. Similarly, all literature in various forms is the outcome of the 24
letters of Gayatri mantra only. While the Gayatri mantra is the sutra or
source, the compilations with their branches and sub-branches are its
extensive commentaries.

The 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra and
significance of each

The authors of the science of mantra say
that whatever sound comes out from the mouth is the outcome of the interaction
of various organs such as the wind-pipe, the tongue, the teeth, the lips etc.
The different organs or parts of the mouth are interconnected with the various
parts of the body through tubular organs known as nadi.

In those
areas of the body wherever the nadis are (the six Chakras are related to
the sushumna nadi) there are lots of ganglia (grant this),
and the effect of vibrations of different parts of the mouth (place of sound
organs) have a pressuring effect on these ganglia. If one’s talk is defective,
it means that some of the ganglia are not functioning properly or effectively.
Our body contains many ganglia of different sizes, some are seen and some of
which are not seen. The spiritualists know what power is contained in each of
the ganglia. The various sounds produced through the organs of the mouth have
their effect on these ganglia; they cause the ganglia to activate and discharge
their stored power. The wordings of the mantras are arranged on the basis of
their sounds and intonations. The Gayatri mantra contains 24 letters, and
all these 24 letters have a direct relation with the 24 ganglia in the human
body. Our body can be compared to a sitar (a stringed musical instrument)
with 24 strings. When the Ganglia are activated they energize the power that
yields the right kind of knowledge. The repetition, recitation or japa of
Gayatri mantra produces notes which mingle with similar sounds existing in
Nature or Prakriti. This is what one achieves from Gayatri

The power of the spoken word or sound in

The Word or Shabda is compared to Brahma. When Brahma is
inspired, his body quivers and the vibrations created by the movement of his
body fall again on his body and take the form of Omkar or Pranava which
echoes seven times. Like the pendulum of a clock, this Omkar creates the
movement or vibrations which in turn keeps Nature or Prakriti
functioning. As a result of such functioning, the three gunas
sattwa, rajas and tamas – with their powers hrim, shrim and
klim respectively flow and break off into different rivulets and streams
and create the bija mantra. One should not under estimate the effect of the
sound waves produce. Those well versed in the science of sound know what potency
sound waves contain and what effects they produce. Sound works in it own sphere
and even controls Nature. Thus Nature functions through the power of the
word-sound. Gayatri mantra is composed of selected sounds and due to their very
order in the mantra a very powerful current or wave is produced and made to

If one wishes to know what miracles the power of word-sound can
create, one has to acquaint with the latest developments in science and
technology. The Russians have devised what is known as the transducer, with
which the aid of subtle sound waves can cut even thick iron and steel plates.
From the cleansing of the sophisticated instruments to the working of the
ordinary washing machine, all the work is now done by the aid of sound

We read in history that the Dipak Rag was sung by Tansen,
by the vibrations of the oil lamps, which had gone off glowed again. We know
deer forgets its ownself and the cows yield more milk when they hear enchanting
music. Similarly, hearing the sound of cuckoo, a man’s ensuousness is said to be
aroused. When battalions of soldiers in formation cross a bridge, it is said the
soldiers are not expected to maintain the uniformity in steps, as it is feared
that when they keep uniformity in steps, due to the impact of the sound waves
produced (known as resonance), the bridge, may collapse. Dr Huchisson of U.S.A.,
who has gained much popularity claims sure success in fighting certain diseases
with the aid of sound waves. In all these cases, the vibrations mingle with
similar sounds spread in subtle Nature or Sukshma prakriti, revolve round
and round and converge again on the place of their origin, thereby producing a
kind of energy which produces the desired effect. In other words, many
miraculous things happen due to the power of a mantra. The Gayatri spell also
derives its force in the same fashion. While uttering the mantra
whichever organs of the mouth come into play, activate their corresponding
ganglia also. When the ganglia are activated thus, a musical (which is also
spiritual) sound resembling the Vedic Mantra spreads in the air, returning to
its base again carrying alongwith it a powerful force of similar sounds already
spread in Nature to help achieve the desired end. The musical effect of the
vibrations, or the current occasioned by the utterance of the mantra on
the already existing current created by the five elements and the subtle soul
force or atma shakti created by the five elements-ether, air, fire, water
and earth, the subtle soul-force created by the intensity of piety, sincerity
and earnestness of the prayer offered, make the Gayatri forces powerful as a
Divine Blessings.

Absolute and firm faith in the divinity by the
sadhak in reciting Gayatri yields a powerful subtle force. Psychologists
are well aware of the power of such force. As a matter of fact, many people have
been saved and resuscitated from untimely death by this force. Many might have
perished due to lack of faith. The great saint Tulsidas, in one of his couplets,
has compared faith and belief to Parvati(Shraddha) and Parameshwar
(Vishwas). Belief has the power of converting a piece of rope in the dark
into a snake, a tree into a spirit, andan idol into a Deity. Because of faith
man spends his energy, money and even sacrifices his life. We can quote several
people- Ekalavya and Kabir, for example, who were able to amass immense
knowledge in a split second (which otherwise had to be learnt at the feet of the
tutor) on account off their faith and belief. If for instance a sadhak
takes a sadhana of Gayatri with the supreme faith and belief, he gets an
unparalleled siddhi because of the mingling of the sound force in Nature
with the spiritual powers.

Gayatri- the Prime Force of the

Gayatri is the adi shakti (the prime force). With
this force both sentient and insentient worlds (life and matter) derive their
movement (gati) or force or inspiration, and result in development and
progress. Just as one can easily hear any broadcast from any station by just
tuning a knob, similarly, one can establish one’s contact through one’s
spiritual powers with the subtle, all pervading Gayatri. One can use one’s own
spiritual power for attainment of all or a particular benefit-material,
psychological or spiritual. This is sadhana or

Gayatri is the desire-yielding cow (kamadhenu).
One who recites Gayatri and engages one self in her sadhana is blessed by
Mother Gayatri. He remains outside the purview of ignorance, incapacity and want
of things and gets all he desires.

Source: Dr. R. Thiagarajan


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