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Mantra Siddhi Mala

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Mantra Siddhi

Design for Mantra Siddhi Mala is found in
SriMadDeviBhagavat 11th Skand Chapter V parts 3 and 4 and 5

If you wish
to accelerate your Japa Practice …. to shorten the time before reaching Mantra
Siddhi or ownership of Mantra with any particular Mantra for any particular Deva
……….. then use of this Mala may help.

There are traditional numbers
of recitation of any Mantra that text books tell us need to be chanted to obtain
Mantra Siddhi or ownership of Mantra however we have found that if one
investigates further and also meditates or practices service to the mankind and
womankind this differs with different individuals.

Some say Mantra Siddhi
can only be done with 100000 recitations of mantra and others say can be done
with less ….. actually does depend on person and where they are in life with
Dharma and Karma.

As one example in SriMadDeviBhagavat
Chapter 5 part 28 to 29
is stated …….. Rudraksha wearing
provides hundred million times more punya (merits) than accrues on touching and
seeing it ….. If a man chanting (Japa) on it he attains several trillion times

In Siva
is stated …. A mantra repeated with Rudraksha is a
crore times more effacious .. A man wearing Rudraksha derives a hundred million
times more merit.

So it looks like the Holy Books are in agreement ….
If you have a Japa Sadhana where it is required to repeat a mantra 120000 times
for Mantra Siddhi then if you use the Holy Rudraksha as a counter you may be
able to shorten up the amount of repetition … and if you use a Mantra Siddhi
Mala you may be able to shorten up the amount to only a few hundred or less
recitations … especially if you have reached the place in Sadhana where you
are able to sit in Samadhi.

When I was wearing a double Mantra Siddhi
Mala in 2002 I was most fortunate to be able to obtain Mantra Siddhi of the
Mantras and introduction to the Devas of the Mantras in a couple of days by
sitting in Meditation with two Mantra Siddhi Malas on chest and repeating
Mantras until they became one with my intent to have them as part of my

In part 4 of SriMadDeviBhagavat
is stated the design … In making rosary … mouth of the beads should be
joined with their mouth … and rear part should be joined with their rear part
… Meru bead should be kept faceing upward Part 5 states … Thus prepared
rosary helps attaining Mantra Siddhi … it should be washed with scented

For more on this is best for you to read the part in the
SriMadDeviBhagavat that comes before and after this makeing design as this is an
in line mala … is not a circle.

Holy Book states the mala to be made
with 25 thorny beads of the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha … the resulting designed Mala
will look like a cows tail … large beads at top to smaller beads at bottom and
nothing said about a tassel however would be logical to place tassel under last
bead as this is the meru bead at bottom of Mala with mouth faceing

Basically this is a design of 12 pairs of beads in straight line with
one meru bead facing upward of 5 Mukhi Beads.

Some of the changes I made
to accelerate the effects of this design were that I used pairs of 2 Mukhi to 12
Mukhi instead of all 5 Mukhi Beads … the 12 Mukhi on down to 2 Mukhi made the
perfect cows tail design of being large at one end and small at the

Then since this is a single in line Mala and could not be worn on
neck with original design … I tied two of these together in a neck mala

with 2 Mukhi pairs at back of neck and 12 Mukhi pairs over chest
… pairs of Gauri Shankar separated the 2 Mukhi Pairs on back of neck where
Kundalini Flows and Meru Bead was bead of choice facing with mouth upward …
later after I got used to this new energy level additional beads were used like
the 16 Mukhi and 17 Mukhi with many 13 Mukhi pairs.

Results were
accomplishment of Mantra Siddhi of different Mantras that took days instead of
weeks or months or years … so in my case the system worked in a most
Auspicious Manner.

Is an immense experience … however is best to start
with pairs of 2 Mukhi to 12 Mukhi first and go with higher Mukhi Bead additions
later so that ones Neurophysioly can get used to the energy exchanges that will
be takeing place … and one needs an outlet for the energy that is built up …
this is why we always have intent and purpose when we do Japa….so the energy
that manifests itself has a direction to go.

Intent and Purpose here at
the time was building Rudra Center America to match Rudra Center India and find
a way to introduce North American Asian Indian Communities to Rudra Center India
and the Holy Rudraksha so outlet of energy was balanced with work done in

Everything went so fast … it was like standing back and
watching the successes manifest on their own again and again.

Siddhi Mala in any form is a most powerful Mala for those with good intent and
purpose and who have an outlet for energy produced to manifest destiny and make
world a better place to live in for all concerned.

Source: Posted
by Dharmadeva Arya on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club

2 Responses to "Mantra Siddhi Mala"

Very insight writing!! Could please you elaborate on how you felt when you got mantra siddhi? Did God communicate with you?
I am still confused as to what mantra siddhi means.


Namaste Moo,

I’m terribly sorry to notice and reply to your message so late! Please forgive me. I’d been very busy and sometimes miss things or overlook them.

When a person receives mantra siddhi, he or she will have a sign like the deity of the mantra has blessed him. It could show up like a candle suddenly blowing up like a big fire but nothing on the altar is burnt, or the mantra’s deity appears in front of you for a split second to give you darbhan, etc., etc. To achieve any of these, you would need to have recited the same mantra for some years. Select your Ishta Devata and recite only his or her mantra. In case you are asking for something, be careful what you wish for.

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