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Gems may cause negative effects but Rudraksha is the Best Mani

Posted on: April 17, 2011

Gems May Cause Negative Effects But
Rudraksha Is The Best Mani

Well. This is
regarding coral,
ruby and blue sapphire
bringing negative results. Though the
field is vast, I shall try to present some fundamental aspects here before the
learned members.

Not only these three gems, any gem can cause negative
results under certain circumstances.

All the planets (including Sun, a
star, treated as a planet for astological purposes), release energy. We get them
mostly mingled with Sun’s or moon’s rays. We need all those energies and we have
generally the ability to absorb and assimilate them.

Each individual is
unique. In this ability to absorb and assimilate the energies reaching us also,
there are differences among us. There has to be a balance in this. Some persons
may not have this balance. If a person has Saturn in his eighth bhava, he is
unable to grasp the Saturn’s energy properly. Saturn’s energy is needed by us,
for working. The ability to persevere comes to us from Saturn.

Saturn is at the time of birth, in the eighth house, the individual has a
drawback. Similarly, when the Saturn is traversing the eighth house, i.e., the
zone between 210 and 240 degrees, the individual is unable to get the full
benefit of Saturn’s energy. Even a slight failure appears to him very big. Even
a small work appears to him too difficult. He suffers.

understanding our deficiency in the light of Sastras inherited by us, we curse
Saturn and other planets, as though they are harming us. We do not hesitate to
call them ‘malefic’.

Whether I could get a help from a friend or not,
depends on three factors:

1. He should be able to provide the help sought
for by me.

2. He should be willing to help me.

3. Last but not
the least, I should be able to contact him and commuinicate with

It is like this. I know Ms.Simone is a good friend and she
would help me when I have a need. She also has the ability to help me. In a
particular situation, I am unable to contact her. I am in an unknown place and I
have lost her contact number. Or, I am told that she has gone on a tour and
could not be contacted. Now, can I blame her that she let me down? I should have
taken the precaution of telling her sufficiently in advance about my need. I
should have preserved my ability to contact her in case of urgent necessity.

Like that, we should evaluate ourselves and wherever necessary, we
should take special steps to receive the specific energy we are unable to
absorb. Energies are abundantly available. God’s Grace is boundless. But we are
leading a life of limitations. We should take efforts to break ourselves free
from limitations or at least to manage them.

Now, coming to our friend
having Saturn in the eighth bhava, the blue sapphire enables him to absorb the
Saturn’s energy at a physical level. This does help.

To overcome any
difficulty, the Sastras have provided us three means, viz., Mani,
Mantra and Oushada.
All these or any combination of these should
be chosen after analysing the potentials of the individual concerned.

there is no lacking on the part of the individual in absorbing the Saturn’s
energy and if he wears the blue sapphire, what happens? He finds himself toiling
without sense. His work is not supported by proper plans or intelligence. Such
work does not bring happiness. Similarly, a person with a type of imbalance,
wears a navaratna

ring, the position no doubt increases in size; and the
imbalance also increases. He was earning 1000 dollars and incurring a debt of
100 dollars. Now, he would earn 10000 dollars and incur a debt of 1000 dollars.
Does this solve his problem?

A person is lacking in business skilles. Say, he belongs to
Mesha lagnam. Mercury is in Meenam. Mars (Lagnadhipan) and Veenus (Dhana
sthanadhipan) are in Kanya (6th house). Moon and Jupiter are in Katakam. Now if
he wears a silver ring, with a suitable diamond in the centre sandwiched by an
emerald and coral, that would certainly help him. Somebody tells him ‘Guru is
Dhanakarakan. You wear a pushparagam and you would gain lot of money.’ Guru
(Jupiter) is the lord of Bhagyasthana and Vrayasthana for this person. He is in
the suka bhava in the company of Moon, perfectly balanced. If he wears
Pushparaga stone (10 carats), no doubt he would earn more money but would start
spending disproportionately on physical pleasures.

The gems should be
chosen after a thorough astrological evaluation of the person concerned. The
objective should be to restore and maintain balance in absorbing and
assimilation of cosmic energy. Balance is vital principle of

Rudraksha is the best mani. It
covers all the levels of life, viz., physical,
mental, intellectual and spiritual.
But it should be worn with
devotion to the Almighty. Otherwise, it is like having a very costly and
powerful car, without knowing how to use it. Devotion cannot be just like that
created in anybody. This comes through several samskaras in several births.
Ms.Simone, born in China and living in Australia writes on Lalita Trisati with
involvement and expertise. How many persons living in India can claim to be
equal to her in this? It is all poorvajanma samskara. Hence the need for all
types of gems.

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S Venkataraman


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