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Eight Accomplishments

Posted on: April 17, 2011


are many schools of thought when it comes to Riddhis and Siddhis.

and Siddhis are the well-known miraculous powers that are possessed by the
Siddha Yogis.

Riddhis are the worldly name, fame and material

Siddhis are eight: Anima- seeing through inner structure
of all things, Laghima- levitating, Garima- becoming heavy and immovable,
Mahima- seeing far off places, Prapti- reaching anywhere, Prakamyam- fulfilment
of desires, Vashitvam- controlling all creatures and Ishitva- playing the
creator, preserver and destroyer.

For instance, in Magic, Electricity
and Lightning can be placed at the disposal of the human will and the Astral
Light, which pervades all bodies, can be controlled so as to suspend their
weight. These are meant to be avoided altogether as they are all Spiritually
depleting and no true Spiritual master indulges in them publicly.

are also 8 Siddhis from Mahabharata Version :

There is the concept of the
Ashta Siddhi (eight siddhis) in Hinduism.

These are:

• Anima:
reducing one’s body even to the size of an atom

• Mahima: expanding
one’s body to an infinitely large size

• Garima: becoming infinitely

• Laghima: becoming almost weightless

• Prapti: having
unrestricted access to all places

• Prakamya: realizing whatever one

• Isitva: possessing absolute lordship;

• Vasitva: the
power to subjugate all.


In the Srimad Bhagavatam
Lord Krishna describes the Eight Siddhis as :

Becoming smaller than the smallest (an atom);

Mahimâ: Becoming larger
than the largest;

Laghimâ: Becoming lighter than the lightest;

Prâptị: Acquiring anything from anywhere;

Prâkâmyam: Obtaining
or performing whatever one desires;

Iúitâ: Manipulating the subpotencies
of maya;

Vaúitâ: The power to bring others under

Kâmâvasâyitâ: Obtaining any desired result, to the highest


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