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Posted on: April 17, 2011


is the ritual of initiation into the worship of some deity by a guru (diksha
guru) who bestows mantra(s) and takes the karma of the initiate – at least in
case of Vaishnava diksha, as per Hari Bhakti Vilasa 1.70:

catmatyaja dosah patni-papam sva-bhartari tatha sisyartjitam papam guruh
prapnoti niscita

“The faults of the counselor fall on the king, and
the sins of a wife fall on her husband. In the same way a spiritual master
attains the sins of his disciple. That is certain.”

Diksha primarily
means a transfer of spiritual knowledge. Vishnu Yamala (tantra)

divyam jnanam yato dadyat kuryat papasya sanksayam tasmad
dikseti sa prokta desikais tattva-kovidaih

“The process that bestows
divyam jnanam (transcendental, spiritual knowledge) and destroys sin (papa), the
seed of sin and ignorance, is called diksha by the spiritual persons who have
seen the Truth (desikais tattva-kovidaih).”

Vaishnava pancaratrika system
requires a sadhaka to undergo the process known as pancha samskara consisting of
pancha (five) stages of samskara (purification):

tapah pundram tatha
nama mantro yagas ca pancamah ami hi panca-samskarah

“Tapah, pundra, nama, mantra, and yaga; these
five items comprise pancha samskara. They are the cause of intense devotion to
Lord Hari.”

yatha kancanatam yati kamsyam rasa-vidhanatah tatha
diksa-vidhanena dvijatvam jayate nrnam

“As bell metal is turned to
gold when mixed with mercury in an alchemical process, so one who is properly
trained and initiated by a bona fide spiritual master becomes a brahmana
immediately.” (Tattva-sagara, quoted in Hari-bhakti-vilasa 2.12)

sampradayas use different procedures.

Another type of diksha, into a
monastic order, involves a vow of celibacy, renunciation of all personal
possessions and of all worldly duties, including family ties. Diksha has the
same meaning in Jainism. Diksha is also called Charitra or
Mahanibhiskraman in Jainism.


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