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Testimonial about Akarshaya Siddh Mala & Indra Mala

Posted on: November 26, 2008

Testimonial about Akarshaya Siddh Mala & Indra Mala

by Srikanth Jyotula

Dear All,

Good Day, Srikanth Here

I told you in my last post that I will post my experiences with Rudraksha

I first purchased a Akarshaya Siddha Mala from RC. Immediately after that I was given the additional responsibility of photographing all my company’s activity. For short it can be called as I became the official photographer of my company. After that I got my bank loan to clear off all my financial issues.  I did that. Along with that I went for an Indra Mala. This time after much delay from my side (funds held up by bank, unable to pay on the RC website, tried to pay through UAE exchange and finally did through western union) I got the mala which was reserved to me by Neetaji (which was energized on the 9 days of navratri). I started wearing both malas and my spiritual levels are increasing very much. Yesterday me and my wife went to the doctor and she revealed the most happy news for us that we are going to become parents. I really started to tremble with a lot of emotions as my family is deprived of this happiness for 12 long years. I thank HIM. And I thank you all for making this group come alive by posting your experiences. And I sincerely thank Neetaji and the Rudra Center team for having the faith in me. Words cannot explain what my feelings are as of now.

With great gratitude and respect I am signing out.

Keep us posted with your experiences.

Thanks and regards

Srikanth Jyotula

Message posted by Srikanth Jyotula in RBSC club (Yahoo Groups) on 25 Nov 2008.

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