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Benefits of vibhuti & rudraksh

Posted on: November 22, 2008

Benefits of vibhuti & rudrakshNamaste all, 

Applying vibhuti in different points of the body can bring positive
energy. Rudraksh comes in varieties, each for a different purpose,
says Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev



Vibhuti is a tool to enhance receptivity. When applied at different
points of the body, especially points of higher receptivity, one
receives positive energy.

Vibhuti is always taken with the ring finger
as that is the most sacred part of the body. Apply Vibuthi to the
following places for maximum benefit:
Agna Chakra: Between the eyebrows to receive life as knowledge or
Vishuddhi Chakra: Pit of the throat to enhance power
Anahata Chakra: Center of chest, where the ribcage meets to receive
life as love
Just behind the earlobe is a solid bone which runs into a crevice.
If one follows that crevice one can find a dimple where a little
Vibhuti can be applied
Men can apply a little bit of Vibhuti on their right big toe, while
women should apply it on their left big toe

Another powerful tool to
enhance one’s well-being is Rudraksh, the seed of a tree that
primarily grows in the mountains. Rudraksh has a very unique vibration
about itself and is worn for different purposes Rudraksh cleanses a
certain amount of the aura. It can vary from pitch-black to pure
white, depending on the person’s physical and mental health. The aura
is the reflection of who one really is. If one goes to a new place
where the vibrations are completely different, the body may not be
able to settle down.

Wearing Rudraksh cocoons one in one’s own
energies, preventing external energies from disturbing. There are a
variety of Rudraksh available, each for a different purpose. Ekamukhi
or single-faced Rudraksh is for power. However, it is not advisable to
wear it without proper guidance. Dwimukhi or twofaced is for wealth,
while Panchamukhi or five-faced is for well-being. Panchamukhi can be
worn by everyone, irrespective of age or gender. Apart from improving
general well-being, it also reduces blood pressure and keeps the body
calm and alert. Shanmukhi or six-faced Rudraksh is good for children
as it attracts motherly love.\

(20 Nov pg.no6)


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Sounds Interesting… It is very informative and I Like this Post….

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