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Shanti Mandir / Ashrams

Posted on: November 20, 2008

What is Shanti Mandir?

Shanti Mandir is a worldwide community of people from all walks of life who have the common aspiration of experiencing divinity, knowing the Self and recognising the sacred in all.

Established in 1987 by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityananda, it continues the spiritual work of his Guru, the renowned sage, Baba Muktananda whom he succeeded, continuing the lineage of Siddha Gurus, enlightened masters, immersed in consciousness.

Shanti Mandir focuses on:

  • Providing access to the teachings and practices of the great sages of India, in particular those of the lineage of Shaktipat Gurus represented by Swami Nityananda, Baba Muktananda and his Guru, Bhagwan Nityananda.
  • Guiding seekers to the direct experience of divinity through Sanskrit chanting, silent meditation, study of sacred works, the offering of service and the participation in sacred rituals.
  • Continuing the Vedic tradition – teaching the Vedic way of life and the philosophy of Vedanta, performing the ancient, sacred rituals and receiving other Saints of the tradition, sharing their knowledge and blessings.
  • Through its Sanskrit school – Shanti Vidya Mandir, at the ashram in Magod, India – providing people with the opportunity to study and learn the language in which all the sacred texts of India were originally written – Sanskrit.
  • Helping the impoverished in rural India with Eye Camps to restore sight to those blinded by cataracts, with the provision of a free medical procedure to implant intra-ocular lenses supplied by the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Two of the three ashrams of Shanti Mandir – in Magod, India and in Walden, USA – are located in beautiful and serene natural settings while the third ashram – in Kankhal, India on the sacred river Ganges – is in a street full of old ashrams adjoining ancient temples and the revered pilgrimage centre of Haridwar at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Each ashram provides an ideal environment for seekers to immerse themselves in a traditional way of spiritual life, as passed down from the ancient sages.


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