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Chandi Saptashati Mp3 Download

Posted on: November 20, 2008

Download Chandi Saptashati (85.5 MB) – In Guruji’s voice


Guruji – Chandi.mp3
Voice Download Instructions
(1) Simply right-click on the above link
(2) Choose ‘Save target as’ option,
(3) Specify the location in which you wish to save the file.

We are pleased to release a precious and blessed recording of Chandi Saptashati in Guruji’s voice. This recording was made by Guruji at the house of Dr. and Mrs. Saroja Viswanathan in Webster, NY in 1988, the year of the first-ever visit of Guruji to the United States.

And as Dr. Vish and Saroja Aunty narrate –

“This was the first time we had seen Guruji in person and we had just met him. We did not know him at all personally. We brought Guruji to our house, and without any reason, he asked for a tape recorder which we promptly arranged in the upstairs room. He went upstairs and started to record Chandi Saptashati. We had no idea about this recitation or its significance. We just complied with his wish. Only many years later when we started to look into learning and doing Chandi Homam, did we realize that Guruji had initiated us into it via this recording. It seems like Guruji knew that we were supposed to do the Chandi Homam and would need this recording at a later time. It’s like when you are young you do not know why you need to learn math; only when we grow up do we realize the value of the exercise… The same happened here. We are so very grateful to Guruji for this and more… things that cannot be expressed in words”

The value of this recording however came to be known by scores of devotees in the following years. This recording of Guruji’s Chandi recording, despite its noisy/primitive format, seemed to have a mystical power. People who played it in their homes, regularly and especially in the midst of some severe problems, seemed to have the dual benefit of peaceful acceptance and divine resolution. Numerous tapes were recorded and re-recorded and circulated widely as the power of this recording became evident.

More recently, however, due to the diminished access of tapes and tape recorders, we felt that it was indeed necessary to digitize this precious recording and make it widely available via the Devipuram website(s). The recording was carefully digitized to preserve the original content in entirety. Then Mr. Nandakumar Nayar painstakingly cleaned up the recording, as best as he could, given the constraints of the poor quality of the original recording and our desire to preserve the authenticity of the voice itself. We are especially grateful for Mr. Nayar’s efforts in this regard.

On this occasion of Vasant Navaratri in 2008, we offer this recording with the faith that it will bring Devi’s Divine Blessings to you and your loved ones every-where and every-time. Tathastu!


4 Responses to "Chandi Saptashati Mp3 Download"

Very nice music. It arouses the devotional feeling towards deity.
thanks for sharing it.

Well I downloaded this music and now every one else in my acquaintance has this music and we regularly listen to it.

Great info. Lucky me I came across your website by chance (stumbleupon). I have saved it for later!

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