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Rudraksha Mantras from Padma Purana

Posted on: November 13, 2008

Rudraksha Mantras from Padma Purana
Some of the most Beautiful Mantras for the Holy Rudraksha are found in the Padma Purana Chapter 57

The Lord Spoke:

O Kartikeya hear correctly about the assignment and wearing of Rudrakshas of different numbers of mouths. The merits already told are had without the recital of a sacred hymn. The merits and the importance of the person who on the earth wears it to the accompaniment of a sacred hymn cannot be told:

Aum Rudra ekavaktrasya

Aum Kham dvivaktrasya

Aum Ambum trivaktrasya

Aum Hrim caturvaktrasya

Aum Hram pancavaktrasya

Aum Hrum Sadvaktrasya

Aum Hrah Saptavaktrasya

Aum Kam astavaktrasya

Aum Jum navavaktrasya

Aum Aksam dasavaktrasya

Aum Srim ekadasavaktrasya

Aum Hrim Dvadasavaktrasya

Aum Ksom trayodasavaktrasya

Aum Nram caturdasavaktrasya

A person becomes equal to me by wearing Rudraksas of all mouths (ie. by wearing Rudraksha having any number of mouths) Therefore O Son with all effort wear a Rudraksha.

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