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Pitara Tarpan Part Three

Posted on: November 13, 2008


Pitara Tarpan Part Three

13 Nov 2008 sent by Hiroko to RBSC:


I did tarpan for ancestor at mahalaya new moon(28th September) on
this year.
From this acting,My life is changing little by little.
I ask for Brahmana at Special pandit at Kerala.

Your dead ancestors are governing your destiny. The greatest
contribution of India to the world is her spiritual science. No
civilization, however old it is, has ever attained the level of
sophistication reached by the yogis and siddhas of India. The yogis
and siddhas paid equal attention to the bodily existence while one is
alive and also the disembodied existence after one dies. They also
had knowledge of soul travel while still in embodiment. Sometimes
they left their body in a safe place in a cave and entered another
body. At other times they turned the body into light and disappeared.
Once having disappeared they could momentarily assume a human body
like an old man or a boy and return to the earth plane for a few
hours visit. There are many places in Southern India, like
Thiruvanamallai, Koli Hills and Kutralam where these siddhas hang out
in the subtle forms. If you are destined to meet them at those places
they will show up and bless you.

Siddhas have a special relationship with the earth plane. They are
constantly involved in making the earth plane a better place for the
souls who come to inhabit the earth. The siddhas are the source for
medicine, astrology, alchemy, yoga, rituals for worshiping different
deities for different purposes, etc. Siddhas emphasize that the most
important element in human life is the destiny of the individual
soul. Every soul has its own unique destiny. Every soul has its own
biological and spiritual baggage attached to it. How you look, what
diseases you will have are localized within the genes that the soul
creates. But the soul lives simultaneously as spirit existence as
well. In other words you have the biological existence defined by the
material body as well as a spiritual existence defined by the
invisible spirit. The soul living in the physical and non-physical
existence governs your destiny.

The siddhas contribution to the spirit existence of the soul is
amazing. When a person dies he takes with him all old good and bad
thought forms and experiences that he had while alive. If someone had
been a real bad person his soul starts the torture experience right
after death. If one had lived a luxurious life, committing all kinds
of crimes, that person will have the worst type of shadow existence.
This life in shadow form after death invariably is a troublesome
experience. The most intriguing thing is that there are a host of
your ancestors who are in shadow forms and hanging in the mid-air.
Some of them because of their evil nature are hanging upside down.
This pain experienced the ancestors spirits directly affects your
destiny while you are on the earth plane. Logically it doesnft make
sense that you should suffer for some misdoings of your great, great
grandfather. But the siddhas claim this is soul genetics. You are
your ancestor both biologically and spirit-ually.

I have been returning to this earth plane to find ways and means to
remove pain and sorrow for the human beings. In this life I am
convinced that until you clean the souls of your ancestors, you are
not going to free yourself from suffering. I have a vacuum cleaner
that can cleanse the souls of your grandfather, grandmother or your
great, great grandfather. The vacuum cleaner is called Tarpanam.
Tarpanam means food offering for the ancestors. During the new moon
day these departed spirits come to the earth plane at dawn and leaves
during sunset. They do in fact hang out with you or with your brother
or sister or any other relative. The Siddhas reveal that even your
enemies in your current life, are your reincarnated ancestors for
whom you did not tarpanam. You can feed them with black sesame seeds,
rice and water. This simple act will help change your destiny. It
gives me immense joy to share this knowledge with you.

Although you can do the tarpanam yourself, I recommend that you do it
with the help of a specialist in Kerala. The Kerala priests are adept
in tarpanam. They literally talk to the dead spirits to see that they
are satisfied and are ready to move to the next stage leaving their
shadow existence. A good tarpanam specialist can give you the right
feedback of tarpranam offerings.

Two simple practices that everyone can do on a daily basis are:

(1) After taking morning shower, cut up a small amount of ginger
root, dip the pieces in honey and eat them, inwardly offering them to
the ancestors. The combination of the ginger and honey helps enliven
the DNA.

(2) Offer tarpanam (rice or rice flour along with black sesame seeds)
in your hand and wet it with water. Minimally, this can be done with
black sesame seeds and rice alone.

Holding the tarpanam in your hand, offer it to 3 generations of
ancestors on your mothers line (mother is 1 (if she is not alive),
grandmother 2, etc.) and 6 generations of ancestors up your fathers
line. Say to the ancestors, Come and take this offering and be at
peace. Ask the ancestors for their blessings and ask that the
blessings come to you now. Just as you have inherited some soul
conditionings from your family, so your prayers can reach them and
alter their patterns in a positive way. Begin with 3 generations and
work your way up to doing this practice for 12 generations. This is
also performed very powerfully in community or family.

Note: You can call the names of your ancestors whom you remember, may
be upto 3 generations. On daily tarpan, you have to use the fresh
rice and seasame seeds everyday.

After doing the above, the water, seasame, rice flour finally after
seeking the blessings, Please pour the water on a well or in a river
or in Sea or drain it.


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