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Yantras and Happiness

Posted on: November 11, 2008

Yantras and Happiness
Yantras are considered to be the most effective remedial measures in Vedic Astrology. Yantra is a technique or path through which one can attain one’s own desires. Devas or the Planetary gods reside in the yantras and their propitation helps one attain the blessings of the respective planetary god.

Mantras never work without the proper yantras. The propitiation of mantra requires the support of yantras.

According to our shastras Yantra is a science which can be used through the five elements-earth, water, fire, sky and air and by recitation of mantras to control nature in one’s own interest. Deities are worshiped in different forms and each form is linked to a yantra. Yantra uses signs and writings to remove a planet’s malice effects and increase it’s beneficial aspects. A bindu or zero is used to form various broad figures known as ‘Yantras’.

A yantra can be drawn by anybody but it is fruitful only when energised by a ‘sidh mantra’. It is drawn and energised on a piece of silver, copper, etc which is worn by the person. The yantra hence becomes the medium through which the invisible forces of energy act on an individual. The preparation of yantra is difficult process as there are many prescribed steps and rituals that have to be followed exactly. There are different divisions of yantras based on their use, as sharir yantras, dharan yantras, asan yantras, mandal yantras, puja yantras, chhatar yantras, darshan yantras. All the yantras given above are placed at different places according to their use i.e. they may be placed below a house, tied on a part of body, etc.

The yantras can be used for fulfillment of some daily life causes as protection of a child, to win gambling, to remove stammering, to prevent abortions, to find a suitable match for a girl, to stop drinking habbit and many other daily causes.

Uses of Yantras

1. For wealth and happiness, bhuvaneshwari yantra is performed.

2. For removal of poverty, prachand chandika yantra is performed.

3. For improvement of speech and promotion of music, matangi yantra is used.

4. For wealth,prosperity and fortune, kamala yantra is used.

5. To win law suits, beesi yantra is performed.

6. To acquire worldly objects, pandrah yantra is useful.

7. For good health, wealth, good fortune and fame,mahamritanje yantra is very useful.

8. For birth of son, mahammadan yantras can be used.

Propitiation of yantras is considered to be the shortest way to appease the planets, subject to the condition that they are propitiated in the right way as suggested by the great Indian Rishis (seers). Right propitiation of the yantras and regular worship is the key to attain maximum benefits.


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