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Yantra Sthapana and Pujan

Posted on: November 11, 2008

Yantra Sthapana and Pujan
  Sit on an asan facing east and keep yantra on a plate in front of you .Place spoonfull of water on head, repeat:

Apavitrah Pavitro Va Sarva Vastan Gatopi Va Yah

Smaret Pundari Kaksham Sa Bahya Bhyantarah Shuchih


(May all things unholy become holy,

may all lower tendencies depart,

just as soon as we transcend

may within and without be purified!)

Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha (I bow to guru)

Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha (I bow Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha (I bow to Ganesha)

Om Sri Kula Devatabhyo Namaha (I bow to the family deity)

Om Sri Ishta Devatabhyo Namaha (I bow to my personal deity)

Om Sri Mata Pitribhyam Namaha (I bow to my parents)

Sip water after each mantra:

Om Sri Keshavaya Swaha

Om Sri Narayana Swaha

Om Sri Madhavaya Swaha

Pour one spoon of water on ground:

Om Sri Govindaya Namaha

Repeat and touch each after each next mantra, right eye, left eye, forehead:

Om Apo Jyothi

Raso Amtritam

Brahma Bhu Bhuvaha Swarom

Then chant the pranpratishtha mantra while offering yellow rice to the Yantra

Om Um Kum Chum Dhum Tum pum yum sum soham

Pranaha Eha Gacha Eha Tishtha Sum Yum Pum Tum Tum Chum Kum Um Om

Om Um Kum Chum Dhum Tum pum yum sum soham

Prana Eha Susthisha Bhavatu Sum Yum Pum Tum Tum Chum Kum Um Om

Om Um Kum Chum Dhum Tum pum yum sum soham

Prana Manasyachakshu Jibhyam Ghrani Pani Pachusthan Daso Indriyani Susthisha Bhavantu

Sum Yum Pum Tum Tum Chum Kum Um Om

Flowers be offered while reciting “Devaye Namah Avahanam Samarpayami”

Flowers be offered for Assan while reciting “Devaye Namah Aasanam Samarpayami”

Water be offered to wash to the feet of lord while speaking “Devaye Paydam Samarpayami”

Bath be offered to Deva while reciting “Devaye Snanam Samarpyami”

Panch amrit bath offered with mantra “Devaye Panchaamrit Snanam Samarpyami”

For clothes upvastar and Yajyo Paveet,recite the mantras “Devaye Vastram Samarpyami”,

“Devaye Upvastram Samarpyami”,”Devaye Yaghopavitam Samarpyami”

Ghand/Scent be applied while reciting “Devaye Gandham Samarpyami”

Unbroken rice be offered while reciting “Devaye Akshtan Samarpyami”

Flowers and garland be offered “Devaye Pushyani Samarpyami”

Dhoop be lighted and offered with mantra “Devaye Dhoopam Samarpyami”

Deep be lit and offered with mantra “Devaye Deepam Samarpyami”

Fruits and coconut and lemon be offered while reciting “Devaye Navdam falamcha Samarpyami”

Pan, Supari, Clove be offered with mantra “Devaye Tambulam Samarpyami”

Then offer Pradikshina with mantra “Devaye Pradkshinaya Samarpyami” and walk around the Yantra three times while chanting

“Yani Kan cha papani janmantarkirtani cha

Tani sarvani Nashyantu Pradakshin Pade Pade”

In the end offer flowers and Namaskar with folded hands and chant a rosary of the beeja mantra of the Yantra . . Beeja mantras of each yantra are specific to the Yantra and the Diety which they represent .

Then place the Yantra on a Yellow Cloth facing North . Pray regularly with Kukum , unbroken rice, yellow flowers, fruits and sweet offerings and Ghee lamp . Near Yantra always keep yellow rice and yellow mustard.


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