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Damanaka plant (Mugwort)

Posted on: November 9, 2008



Damanaka plant

Posted by JK at RBSC on Nov 7, 2008




I got some more information in web. Please visit  English name is Mugwort. You can see photograph of the plant at







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Subject: RBSC : Damanaka plant

Namaste JK,

I did a search and it says :

“Damanaka is a particular type of flowering tree, Artemisia indica.
In modern Oriya it is called da-aNA. It is one of the two favorite
flowers of Lord Jagannath, the other being campaka. It is said that
Lord Jagannath comes to the Jagannath Vallabh garden in Puri to steal
these flowers. Aropana means to plant. On this dvAdazI there is a
ritual planting of the da-aNA tree.” (Bhaktarupa dasa – X-Com-Textno:

Maybe you can try a search using the key words “Artemisia indica or
Indian sagebrush. Perhaps start from here:

Om Bholenath

— In, “jk.dasgupta”
<jk.dasgupta@…> wrote:
> Does anybody know about Damanaka creeper plant? What is the local
name &
> where it is available? I understand this plant has exceptional
> properties.
> Something I know about this plant is as follows,
> =====================
> “Damanaka” is a creeper that originated from the tears of the two
wives Rati
> and Preeti of Kama Deva. The Lord Manmatha was reduced to ashes for
> disturbing the penance of Lord Siva, both the wives wept. And from
the tears
> of these two wives, has originated the Damanaka creeper
> =====================
> Regards,
> JK


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