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Abhishek for ShivLing

Posted on: November 9, 2008

Abhishek for ShivLing

Place the Shivaling along with three Rudrakshas under the
Abhishek Pot. Take flowers in both hands and offer them on
the Shivaling chanting thus- 

Hastaabhyaam Kalashadwayaamrit Rasei-raaplaavayantam Shiro,
Dwaabhyaam Tou Dadhatam Mrigaashavalaye Dwaabhyaam Vahantam
Param. Ankanyast-kar-dwayaamritghatam Kailaash-kaantam Shivam,
Swachhaambhojagatam. Navendumukutam Devam Trinetram Bhaje. 

i.e. I pray to Lord Mahamrityunjaya Shiva who holds two pots
of divine elixir in his two hands, who sits on the Kailash
mountain on a lotus flower and who has a moon ornamenting
his forehead. 

Take water in the right palm and chant thus - 

Asya Shree Trayambak Mantrasya Vashishtth Rishih Anushtup
Chhandah Trayambak Paarvati Patirdevataa Tram Beejam, Bam
Shakti, Kam Keelakam, Mam Sarva Rog Nivritaye Sarva Kaarya
Siddhaye Akaal Mrityu Nivritaye Mahaamrityunjaya Trayambak
Mantra Jape Viniyogah. 

Then let the water flow on to the ground.

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