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Kali Namavalih

Posted on: November 8, 2008

kAli namavaliH

hrIM kAlyai namaH
shriiM karAlyai namaH
kriiM kalyANyai namaH
kalAvatyai namaH
kamalAyai namaH
kalidarpaghniiAyai namaH
kapardiishakR^ipaanvitAyai namaH
kaalikaayai namaH
kaalamaataayai namaH
kaalaanalasamadrutyai namaH
kapardinyai namaH
karaalaasyaayai namaH
karuNaamR^itasaagaraayai namaH
kR^ipaamaayai namaH
kR^ipaadhaaraayai namaH
kR^ipaapaaraayai namaH
kR^ipaagamaayai namaH
kR^iShaaNave namaH
kapilaayai namaH
kR^iShNaayai namaH
kR^iShNaanandavivardhinyai namaH
kaalaratraye namaH
kaamaruupaayai namaH
kaamapaashavimocinyai namaH
kaadambinyai namaH
kalaadhaaraayai namaH
kalikalmaShanaashinyai namaH
kumaariipuujanapritaayai namaH
kumaariipuujakaalayaayai namaH
kumaariibhojanaanandayai namaH
kumaariiruupadhaariNyai namaH
kadaMbavanasaMcaaraayai namaH
kadaMbapuShpasantoShaayai namaH
kadaMbavanavaasinyai namaH
kadaMbapuShpamaalinyai namaH
kiShoryai namaH
kaalakaNThaayai namaH
kalanaadaninaadinyai namaH
kaadaMbariipaanarataayai namaH
kaadaMbariipriyaayai namaH
kapaalapaatranirataayai namaH
kaMkaalamaalyadhaariNyai namaH
kamalaasanasantuShTaayai namaH
kamalaasanavaasinyai namaH
kamalaalayamadhyasthaayai namaH
kamalaamodamodinyai namaH
kalahaMsagataye namaH
klaibyanaashinyai namaH
kaamaruupinyai namaH
kaamaruupakR^itaavaasaayai namaH
kaamapiiThavilaasinyai namaH
kamaniiyayai namaH
kalpalataayai namaH
kamaniiyavibhuuShaNaayai namaH
kamaniiyaguNaaraadhyaayai namaH
kalaaMgyai namaH
kR^ishodaryai namaH
kaaraNaamR^itasantoShaayai namaH
kaaraNaanandasiddhidaayai namaH
kaaraNaanandajaapeShTaayai namaH
kaaraNaarcanaharShitaayai namaH
kaaraNaarNavasaMmagnaayai namaH
kaaraNavratapaalinyai namaH
kastuuriisaurabhaamodaayai namaH
kastuuriitilakojjvalaayai namaH
kastuuriipuujanarataayai namaH
kastuuriipuujakapriyaayai namaH
kastuuriidaahajananyai namaH
kastuuriimR^igatoShiNyai namaH
kastuuriibhojanapriitaayai namaH
karpuuramodamoditaayai namaH
karpuuramaalaabharaNaayai namaH
karpuuracandanokShitaayai namaH
karpuurakaaraNahlaadaayai namaH
karpuuraamR^itapaayinyai namaH
karpuurasaagarasnaataayai namaH
karpuurasaagaraalayaayai namaH
kuurcabiijajapapriitaayai NamaH
kuurcajapaparaayaNaayai namaH
kuliinaayai namaH
kaulikaaraadhyaayai namaH
kaulikapriyakaariNyai namaH
kulaacaaraayai namaH
kautukinyai namaH
kulamaargapradarshinyai namaH
kaashiishvaryai namaH
kaShTahartryai namaH
kaashiishavaradaayinyai namaH
kaashiishvarakR^itaamodaayai namaH
kaashiishvaramanoramaayai namaH
kalaman~njiiracaraNaayai namaH
kvaNatkaañciivibhuuShaNaayai namaH
kaa~ncanaadriikR^itaagaaraayai namaH
kaa~ncanaacalakaumudyai namaH
kaamabiijajapaanandaayai namaH
kaamabiijasvaruupaNyai namaH
kumatighnyai namaH
kuliinaartinaashinyai namaH
kulakaaminyai namaH
kriiM hriiM shriiM mantravarNena kaalakaNTakaghaatinii


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  • Narasimhaye: If you are able to talk to your or sister and your girl cousins, you will be able to speak to any girl you like. Don't be shy. Try to be confident in
  • arjun: sir please help me I cannot talk to any girl I'm not frank and I am very afraid of doing things I think what the world will think I don't have confide
  • Narasimhaye: I meant do Puja , not pika sorry.
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