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Hanuman Temple in Nanganallur, Chennai

Posted on: November 7, 2008


I must say most humbly that it is only due to Lord's grace [whether I am in Calcutta or Chennai], that my place of residence is near famous temples.

In Calcutta it is the Kali Temple at Kalighat about which I had sent an email earlier.

In Chennai it is the Hanuman Temple in Nanganallur.

My flat is located in the Guindy-Adambakkam area.  The Hanuman Temple is
a 10 minutes drive from my residence i.e. exactly 3.5 kms.  Since our
office is closed on 2nd and 4th Saturday and, of course, Sundays, I 
usually visit the temple at least once a week.  It is incredible that this
temple can afford to distribute prasad in generous quantites during the
time it is open.  The temple is open from 5.00 AM in the morning till
12.00 PM in the afternoon and thereafter from  5.00 PM in the evening
till 9.00 PM. The prasad varies from time to time i.e. pongal (kichdi)
[made of rice and mung dal], sweet pongal [using jaggery], tamrind rice, 
lemon rice etc.

The diety is lifelike and is exactly 32 feet high and made of a single
piece of black granite.  The eyes appear to be looking directly at

Inside the temple you can buy a small bottle of ghee [clarified butter]
for Rs.10/- for pouring at a huge ghee lamp which burns continuously
emitting a pleasant fragrance.

The Nangnallur area is full of temples. There is a beautiful temple of
Godess Raja Rajeshwari, Guruvayurappan [Lord Narayana], Shiva-Parvati
Temple, Lakshmi Hayagreeva Temple, Godess Mariamman Temple 
all within a distance of 2 kms. besides many other temples which I
am yet to visit.  

The copper steps leading to the sanctum-sanctorum of the Raja 
Rajeshwari temple have yantras beneath them and are said to
convey immense benefits to those who climb these steps.  Please
do not skip steps while climbing.

Ramesh Iyer

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