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108 Names of Hanuman Ji

Posted on: November 7, 2008

108 Names of Hanuman Ji

1. AUM Hanumatay Namaha 

2. AUM Shree Pradaayay Namaha 
3. AUM Vaaya Putraaya Namaha  
4. AUM Rudraayay Namaha  
5 AUM Ana-Gaayay Namaha  
6 AUM Aja-Raayay Namaha  
7 AUM Amrit-Yavay Namaha  
8 AUM Maarutaat-Majaayay Namaha  
9 AUM Vira-Viraayay Namaha 

10 AUM Grama-VaaSaayay Namaha  
11 AUM Janash-Radaayay Namaha 

12 AUM Dhana-Daayay Namaha  
13 AUM Akaa-YaaYay Namaha  
14 AUM Virayay Namaha  
15 AUM Nidhi-Patayay Namaha  
16 AUM Munayay Namaha  
17 AUM Vaag-Minay Namaha  
18 AUM Pingaak-Shaayay Namaha  
19 AUM Vara-Daayay Namaha 
20 AUM Sita Shoka-Vinaasha-Naayay Namaha  
21 AUM Rakta Vaasasay Namaha  
22 AUM Shivaayay Namaha  
23 AUM Shar-Vaayay Namaha  
24 AUM Paraayay Namaha  
25 AUM Avyak-Taayay Namaha  
26 AUM Vyakta-Avyak-Tayay Namaha  
27 AUM Rasaa-DhaRaayay Namaha  
28 AUM Ping-Keshaayay Namaha  
29 AUM Pinga-Romanay Namaha  
30 AUM Shruti-Gamyaayay Namaha  
31 AUM Sana-Tanaaya Namaha

32 AUM Anaa-Daayay Namaha  
33 AUM Bhagawatay Namaha  
34 AUM Devaayay Namaha  
35 AUM Vishwa-Haytavay Namaha  
36 AUM Niraa-Shra-yaayay Namaha  
37 AUM Aarogya-Kartray Namaha  
38 AUM Vish-Vesh-aayay Namaha  
39 AUM Vishva-Naayak-aayay Namaha  
40 AUM Harish-Waraayay Namaha  
41 AUM Bhar-Gaayay Namaha  
42 AUM Raam-Aayay Namaha  
43 AUM Rav-Vayay Namaha  
44 AUM Visva Haraaya Namaha  
45 AUM Vish-Vaaya Namaha  
46 AUM Vishva Sevayaay Namaha  
47 AUM Vishva-Aatmanaay Namaha 
48 AUM Visha-Daayay Namaha 
49 AUM Vishva-Kaar-aayay Namaha  
50 AUM Raam-Bhaktaayay Namaha 

51 AUM Vishva-Murtaaya Namaha  
52 AUM Vishvam Bharaayay Namaha  
53 AUM Prakriti-Sthiraaya Namaha  
54 AUM Kalyaa-Naayay Namaha  
55 AUM Vishva-Chesha-Laayay Namaha 

56 AUM Avaya-Graayay Namaha  
57 AUM Anjani-Sunavay Namaha  
58 AUM Ajaayay Namaha  
59 AUM Sakhyay Namaha 
60 AUM Tatvagam-Yaayay Namaha 
61 AUM Vanay-Charaayay Namaha 
62 AUM Yunay Namaha  
63 AUM Vrid-Dhyayay Namaha  
64 AUM Baalaayay NamahaBaa  
65 AUM Tatvaayay Namaha  
66 AUM Jyesh-Taayay Namaha  
67 AUM Vidyaayay Namaha  
68 AUM Kapish-Shestray Namaha 
69 AUM Plavang-Gamayay Namaha 
70 AUM Kalaa-Dharaayay Namaha  
71 AUM Vishvaa-Dhyayaayay Namaha 
72 AUM Vishvaa-Gamyaayay Namaha  
73 AUM Graama Swantaayay Namaha 

74 AUM Ama-Laayay Namaha 
75 AUM Vyaapa-Kaayay Namaha  
76 AUM Praana-Vaayay Namaha 
77 AUM Omkar-Jamyaayay Namaha  
78 AUM Satyaayay Namaha  
79 AUM Avyaaya Namaha  
80 AUM Tapa-say Namaha 
81 AUM Jana Lokaayay Namaha 
82 AUM Mahaa Lokaayay Namaha 
83 AUM Swar-Lokaayay Namaha  
84 AUM Bhuvar-Lokaayay Namaha  
85 AUM Bhur-Lokaayay Namaha  
86 AUM Dharaa-Dharaayay Namaha  
87 AUM ShivaDharam, Pratish-taatray Namaha 

88 AUM Satyaayay Namaha  
89 AUM Purnaayay Namaha 
90 AUM Raksha-Praana, Haarakaayay Namaha  
91 AUM Jaanaki-Praandaatray Namaha  
92 AUM Sharanaagata-Vatsalaayay Namaha  
93 AUM Pandari-Kaakshaayaya Namaha  
94 AUM Raaksho-Dhanaayay Namaha  
95 AUM Dharaa-Dhipaayay Namaha  
96 AUM Purna Kamaayay Namaha 
97 AUM Gospadi-krita, Vaarish-aayay Namaha  
98 AUM Phaalgun-Priyaayay Namaha  
99 AUM Ramesh-Taatray Namaha  
100 AUM Rudra-Kar-Maayay Namo Namaha 
101 AUM Devay-So Namaha  
102 AUM Krish-Naayay Namaha 
103 AUM Raamdoo-Taayay Namaha  
104 AUM Shakti Raakshasaa, Maara-kaayay Namaha  
105 AUM Shakti Naytaayay Namaha  
106 AUM Drona Hartray Namaha  
107 AUM Divaakara, Sama-Prabhaayay Namaha 
108 AUM Pita-Vaasasay Namaha

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