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Rudra Upanisad

Posted on: November 2, 2008

Rudra Upanisad
  Now, at this moment, I take refuge in that Pure State of the Supreme Absolute, which can be known by the Vidya, called the Rudra Hridaya Upanisad.

After prostrating before the celebrated form of Sri Mahadeva Rudra in his heart, adoring the sacred Bhasma and Rudraksha and mentally reciting the great Mahavakya Mantra, Tarasara, Sri Suka asked his father Sri Vyasa Maharshi thus Who is the real God of gods? In whom are all these existences established? By orshipping whom, can I please the Devas in whole?

Hearing these words, Sri Veda Vyasa replied thus Rudra is the embodiment of all Devas. All Devas are merely different manifestations of Sri Rudra Himself. On the right side of Rudra, there is the Sun, then the Four Headed Brahma, and then three Agnis ( fires ). On the left side, there exist Sri Umadevi, and also Visnu and Soma ( moon ).

Rudra is the generator of the seed. Visnu is the embryo of the seed. Siva Himself is Brahma and Brahma Himself is Agni. Rudra is full of Brahma and Visnu. The whole world is full of Agni and Soma. The masculine gender is Lord Siva. The femininge gender is Sri Bhavani Devi. All the mobile and immobile creation of this universe, is filled up with Uma and Rudra. The Vyakta is Sri Uma and the Avyakta is Lord Siva. The combination of Uma and Sankara is Visnu.

Hence everybody should prostate to Sri Maha Visnu with great devotion. He is the Atman. He is the Paramatman. He is the Antaratman. Brahma is the Antaratman. Siva is the Paramatman. Visnu is the Eternal Atman of all this universe. This whole creation of Svarga, Martya and Patala Lokas is a big tree. Visnu is the top portion ( branches ) of this tree. Brahma is the stem. The root is Lord Siva.

The effect is Visnu. The action is Brahma. The cause is Siva. For the benefit of the worlds, Rudra has taken these three forms Rudra is Dharma. Visnu is the world. Brahma is Knowledge. Therefore, do Kirtan of His name, ” Rudra ” ” Rudra” . By singing like this, the hallowed name of this great Lord, all your sins will be destroyed.


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