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Purpose of Kurma avatar

Posted on: November 2, 2008

Purpose of Kurma avatar
  This is from Srimad bhagatham Kuchelopakhyanam (Sudama)

This is Saturn’s (shani Mahadeva) explanation to Narada, Rukmini and Sri Krishna and his own admission about “How to please him so that his effects (Sade sati) are reduced”.

Rukmini gets perturbed about seeing the sufferings of Sudama, Sri Krishna’s boy hood friend and his class mate. His family is suffering and starving. Rumini requests Sri Krishna to summon Shane Bhagawan and order him not to bother his boyhood friend and class mate Susana. (Kuchela) When summoned by Lord Krishna.

Shani explains. Even though Lord Krishna, (Narayana) him self requests or orders Shani Bhagawan, to leave Sudama alone, Shani explains it is against the natural laws of Karma. Still Sudama got 40 days of Sade sati. If forced Shani says he will do reduce the suffering of Sudama reluctantly, but it is against the natural laws of Karma.

He advises there is a way he can reduce the effects. This way he will go easy on him.

(1) Sudama, when lord Krishna and himself were caught in a in a thunderstorm in a jungle, he ate POHA all by him self. Did not offer or share with Sri Krishna

(2) Dana, sharing with others is an essential part of pleasing Saturn. All my posts have this message.

(3) He should start worshipping Kurma and Sudarshana.

Kurma avatar and its significance: It is the one of the 2 avatars by Lord Vishnu to help others. Other avatars have a purpose of killing Rakshas. Kurma Avatar purpose is to help the churning of the ocean by Mandara parvata. It is one Avatar gives boons easily and helps others as it I sits main purpose.

Worship of Sudarshan: Sudarshana can easily take out all the negative effects, demons, ill health very fast Easiest way to worship Sudarshan is to chant his mantra or perform Sudarshan Homa.Many temples of sudarshan exist in South India. It is in Northern part of Andhra Pradesh (Sri Kurmam).

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