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The Chakras – The Seven Centers of Consciousness

Posted on: November 1, 2008

The Chakras-The Seven Centers of Consciousness

A primary focus of Amrit Yoga is to build heat by charging the
battery of the body, which is based in the lower three centers. As
this energy is aroused and consciously directed from the lower
chakras to the upper ones, our biological prana awakens to its
evolutionary potential. Awakened prana, called Kundalini, carries out
healing and cleansing at an accelerated level - resulting in the
purification of the nerve channels in the body as well as cleansing
kriyas - all of which prepare the body for accelerated spiritual

Chakra One: Roots, Alignment, Earth

Muladhara is the body in physical space and time, developing
groundedness, stability and foundation. In Amrit Yoga, the attention
is alignment in all poses, building awareness and strength in the
legs - especially all standing poses. Anything that stabilizes and
roots the foundation reinforces muladhara.

Chakra Two: Sensation, Flow, Water

In Swadisthana we become aware of the senses, sensation
(pleasure/pain) and emotions that accompany each pose. We allow our
awareness of ecstatic energy to build in the second half of the pose.
Suggested poses include pigeon, bridge and the spinal twist.

Chakra Three: Power, Fire

In Manipura, our fire (spiritual heat) is stimulated. We "jump-start"
the battery of the body, the physical storehouse of energy, through
strong standing poses like The Warrior. The willful aspect of the
practice is also associated with chakra three. In the first half of
the Amrit Yoga Level I sequence, we are building the battery in the
belly and then consciously directing that energy upward. This is an
essential part of Level I as this conscious generation and directing
of energy is necessary for prana to awaken and move upward to higher

Chakra Four: Awakening to the Spiritual Path

In Anahata, we are asked to open the heart. This requires spiritual
commitment to let the ego drop away. In Amrit Yoga the heart energy
is engaged with the use of the arms, with mudras, giving and
receiving movements. Some heart opening poses can be: camel, yoga
mudra, cobra, half locust (opens arms and heart meridians). Breath
and the fourth chakra are closely connected (lungs).

Chakra Five: Communication (internal/external) - the power of sound

Visuddha is more apparent in Level II Amrit Yoga, but also in Level
I - we turn into the vibration of prana that sources the movement.
Use sound vibration when in the pose and the power of your word
(opening intention and Om) to create the vibrational field you
intend. Become aware of your own inner dialogue and if it serves you
or not. In Amrit Yoga the throat chakra may be stimulated through
chanting, bridge, camel and shoulder stand postures.

Chakra Six: the Third Eye

Meditation, witness, meditative awareness Pratyahara; deep absorption
without choosing for or against what is present in Ajna chakra. In
the second half of the pose and Third Eye integration-consciously
allow energies to grow with meditative attention and draw freed
energies upward toward the Third Eye for integration. All forward
bending poses where the head is lower than the heart brings attention
and energy to the third eye (child, yoga mudra, wide-angle forward

Chakra Seven: Silence

In the Sahasrar, the elixir of Amrita comes through silencing the
fluctuations of the mind. This is the entry into the bliss body,
which can happen in the second half of the pose, in Third Eye
Meditation integration, or in any pose. All these practices of Amrit
Yoga are intended to reach the final point of stilling the
modifications of the mind, which is always associated with the
seventh chakra.

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