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Shree Guru Paduka-Panchakam

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Shree Guru Paduka-Panchakam

Posted by Ivan (SixthAxis) on May 6, 2008 at:

Om salutations to the Gurus, to the Gurus' sandals,

salutations to the supreme ones, to the supreme sandals.

To the sandals of the lords of Siddhas and the Teachers,

salutations, salutations to the sandals of the shree Gurus.

To the great splendor of the hidden purpose of the Shreem

syllable joined to the mysterious Hreem syllable and Aim syllable,

granting the secret essence of the Om syllable,

salutations, salutations to shree Guru's two sandals.

Having the complete majesty of all the sacrifices,

of the priests, and of the offerings into Hautragni and Hotragni,

that which is Brahman, imparting that awakened knowledge,

salutations, salutations to shree Guru's two sandals.

To the Garuda for the multitude of serpents of desires and so on,

bestowing the treasures of detachment and discrimination,

bestowing awakened knowledge, giving quick liberation,

salutations, salutations to shree Guru's two sandals.

To the two boats on the shores of the ocean of

unending samsara, giving steadfast devotion,

to the two underwater fires completely drying up a sea of stupidity,

salutations, salutations to shree Guru's two sandals.

Om peace, peace, peace.


Shree Guru Gita

Om, this is the shree Guru Gita stotra-mantra having

the eternal Lord Shiva as the seer.

With different modes are the metres,

The supreme Self of shree Guru is the deity.

Ham is the seed,

Sah the shakti,

Krom the pillar.

In order to attain the prasad of shree Guru

is the repeating purpose.

Now meditation,

By Ham and Sah, by a lotus surrounded by petals,

by the divine cause of the world,

the universe arose by living in innumerable bodies,

for its own pleasure by the will of the Self.

On that light which is but the foot of Shambhu, a foot

holding the flame of a lamp,

on the visible imperishable form, the Guru's foot,

one should meditate firmly and perpetually.

For me, to attain the four kinds of life goals

is the repeating purpose.

On the summit of Mount Kailasa resplendent,

to the master of union with devotion

having pranamed, Parvati, with devotion,

questioned Shankara...

Shree Goddess said,

Om, salutations, O God, O Lord of gods,

Beyond the beyond, O Guru of the universe!

O eternal Shiva, O great God,

the Guru initiation give to me!

By which path O Swami,

should an embodied one full of Brahman become?

Do your grace unto me O Swami,

I am bowing to your feet.

Ishvara said,

My form O Goddess you are,

for your love am I speaking,

Helpful to the world is the question,

not by anyone even done before.

Difficult to attain in the three worlds,

listen to what I am saying,

There is no other Guru apart from Brahman,

this is true, this is true, O beautiful one. 

The Vedas, Shastras, Puranas,

historical accounts and others,

And the science of mantra, yantra, and so on,

smrutis, the uccatana and other incantations,

Shaiva, Shakta treatises and so on,

and others variously,

In this world cause the downfall,

of those beings with deluded minds.

Yajnas, vows, tapa, charity,

japa, pilgrimage, and so on,

The Guru principle not knowing,

fools they are those wandering people.

The Guru is the enlightened Self, no other,

this is true, this is true, no doubt.

In order to attain that, effort however

should surely be done by wise ones.

The hidden knowledge, the world's maya,

and in the body born of ignorance,

Arising by whose light,

by the word Guru it is called.

Having purified the Self of all sins,

through seva at shree Guru's feet,

An embodied one can become Brahman by this.

In order to give you grace I am speaking to you.

The lotus of the Guru's feet having remembered,

water on the head one should support,

Of bathing in all the places of pilgrimage,

he obtains this fruit, a person.

Drying up the muddy quagmire of sins,

kindling the fire of knowledge,

The water of the Guru's feet properly

is a crossing over the ocean of samsara.

Destroying the root of ignorance,

ending karmas and birth,

In order to attain detachment and knowledge,

the water of the Guru's feet one should drink.

The water of the Guru's feet having drunk,

there is the Guru's left over food.

Of the Guru's form there is always meditation,

the Guru's mantra one should always repeat.

The land of Kashi is his dwelling,

Jahnavi is the water of his feet.

The Guru is Vishveshvara incarnate,

crossing over Brahman, certainly.

But the water of the Guru's feet which is

Gaya, that is the Akshaya banyan tree.

And the king of places of pilgrimage, Prayag.

to the Guru's form, salutations, salutations.

The Guru's form one should remember continually.

The Guru's name one should always repeat.

The Guru's command one should go forth and do.

Different from the Guru one should not be.

Abiding in the Guru's mouth is Brahman,

it is obtained from his prasad.

The Guru's meditation one should always do,

like the woman of noble family on her husband.

One's stage in life and one's caste and,

one's reputation, increasing one's well being,

This all is abandoned.

Different from the Guru one should not be.

For one who thinks of nothing else but me,

easy to attain is the supreme position.

Therefore by means of all effort,

of the Guru do.

In the three worlds is one who speaks plainly,

other gods, demons, and snake-demons.

Residing in the Guru's mouth is knowledge,

but through devotion to the Guru is it obtained.

But the Gu syllable is darkness and,

the Ru syllable is said to be fire.

The swallower of ignorance, Brahman,

the Guru indeed is, no doubt.

The Gu syllable is the first letter,

illuminating the gunas, maya, and others.

The Ru syllable, second, is Brahman,

the destruction of maya's rotation.

Thus the position of the Guru is the best,

even for gods difficult to attain.

By Haha and Huhu groups indeed,

and by gandharvas it is worshipped.

Surely for them and for all,

there is no principle higher than the Guru.

A seat, bed, clothing,

ornaments, a vehicle and other things,

by a seeker should be given,

making the Guru satisfied.

Propitiation of the Guru one should do,

one's own life one should offer.

With action, mind, and speech,

continually one should propitiate the Guru,

The long-stick salutation having done,

shamelessly in the Guru's presence.

The body, the senses, the pranas,

to the true Gurus one should offer.

The Self, wife, and all other things,

to the true Gurus one should offer.

Germs, worms, ash, feces,

foul-smelling excretions, urine,

Phlegm, blood, skin, flesh,

one should not swindle these, O beautiful one.

The tree of samsara having climbed,

they were falling into the ocean of hell,

And by whom only they were pulled out of it all,

to that shree Guru salutations.

The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu,

the Guru is God, the Great Lord,

The Guru only is the supreme Brahman,

to that shree Guru salutations.

To the only reason for the world,

to the bridge over the ocean of samsara,

To the ruler of all learning,

to Shambhu, to the Guru, salutations.

For those blinded by the darkness of ignorance,

a collyrium stick of knowledge

By which the eyes are opened,

to that shree Guru salutations.

You are the father and you are my mother,

you are the kinsman and you are the deity,

For the awakened knowledge of samsara,

to that shree Guru salutations.

By whose truth the world is true,

by whose light it shines,

By whose bliss they are blissful,

to that shree Guru salutations.

By whose steadfastness this is true,

who shines through the form of the Light,

Dear are sons and others by whose love,

to that shree Guru salutations.

By whom this surely is perceived,

not whom the mind perceives,

Waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and others,

to that shree Guru salutations.

Whose knowledge of this whole universe,

is not seen split into differences,

To the form that is the one true form,

to that shree Guru salutations.

He who has no belief, he has belief,

he who has belief, he does not know.

To the existence depending on no other existence,

to that shree Guru salutations.

He who has the form of the cause,

who by the form of the effect appears,

To the form of the cause and the effect,

to that shree Guru salutations.

A diversified form this all is,

but not with anything is there diversity,

Cause and effect it is only,

to that shree Guru salutations.

Whose pair of lotus feet,

the remover of the pair of miseries,

A rescuer always from calamities,

to shree Guru I bow.

If Shiva is angry the Guru is a savior,

if the Guru is angry Shiva surely is not one,

Therefore by means of all effort,

To shree Guru's shelter one should go.

I worship the pair of feet of the Guru,

within range of speech, mind, and intellect,

Into white and red lusters split,

of the nature of Shiva and Shakti supreme.

The Gu syllable is beyond the gunas and,

the Ru syllable is without form,

And one's own natural form beyond the gunas,

He who can give it is remembered as the Guru.

Without three eyes the witness of all,

without four arms the Almighty,

Without four faces Brahma,

shree Guru is said to be, O dear one.

This salutation of folded hands by me is made,

for the ocean of compassion to increase,

By whose favor a living being,

from the wonders of samsara is liberated.

Shree Guru's supreme form,

to the discriminating eye is nectar,

Those of dull fortune do not see,

just like the blind at sunrise.

From bathing and other things in holy

places extending to the seven oceans, this fruit

From a thousandth part of a droplet of water

of the Guru's feet is not difficult to obtain.

If Hari is angry the Guru is a saviour,

if the Guru is angry no one is,

Therefore with every effort,

to shree Guru's protection one should go.

The Guru only is the world entirely,

consisting of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Higher than the Guru there is not,

therefore one should completely worship the Guru.

Knowledge with wisdom,

is obtained by devotion to the Guru.

Higher than the Guru there is not,

to be meditated upon is he by those clearing the Guru's way.

Higher than whom there is not,

"not this, not this" declare the Shrutis.

With mind and even with speech,

continually one should worship the Guru.

By the Guru's grace and prasad,

Brahma, Vishnu, and Sadashiva

Are capable and powerful,

only by service to the Guru.

Gods, kinnaras, gandharvas,

ancestors, yakshas, charanas,

Even sages, do not know

how to attend to the Guru correctly.

With pride and great egos,

endowed with the power of learning and tapas,

They are in the vortex of the throat of samsara,

in a water jar machine, like the water jars.

They are not liberated, gods, gandharvas,

ancestors, yakshas, kinnaras,

Rishis, and all siddhas,

whose faces are averted from Guruseva.

To the meditation listen, O great goddess,

which bestows all bliss,

Causing all comfort continually,

establishing liberation and enjoyment.

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