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Lingayatism or Veerashaivism

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Message number: 14571, 17 March 2007
Lingayatism or Veerashaivism

Ishtalinga Information

Lingayatism or Veerashaivism is a name given to social reformation to
deprive social classes of prejudices and superstitions . The
adherents of this social spiritual formation much above than a meagre
religion are known as Lingayats or Veerashaivas. The term is derived
from Lingavantha in Kannada. There is still a debate to include this
as a religion or not as it represents a whole new social reformation
attributed to Basavanna and others in the 12th century. Since it
originated in India and the literary works had mentions of Sanathana
Dharma (or the Hindu) it is popularly considered a sect of Hinduism.



The Lingayats make it a point to wear the Ishtalinga at all times.
The Istalinga is made up of light gray slate stone coated with fine
durable thick black paste of cow dung ashes mixed with some suitable
oil to withstand wear and tear. Sometime it is made up of ashes mixed
with clarified butter. The coating is called Kanti (covering). Though
the Ishtalinga is sometimes likened to be a miniature or an image of
the Sthavaralinga, it is not so. The Ishtalinga on the contrary is
considered to be Lord Shiva himself and its worship is described as

Thus, for the Lingayats it is an amorphous representation of God.
Lingayat thus means the wearer of this Linga as Ishta Linga. Here the
word Ishta is a Sanskrit term meaning 'adored' or 'desired'. Unlike
Advaitins however, Lingayats do not treat the Ishtalinga as merely a
representation of God to aid in realising God but worship the
Ishtalinga itself as God. Lingayats do not partake non-vegetarian
food like most brahmins.

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Thank you for your kind encouragement. Yes, I shall try to keep it up. God bless you.

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