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How do the gems and stones work

Posted on: November 1, 2008

How do the gems and stones work

Source: Posted by Pt. Indramani Tripathi, Jabalpur, India.

Message 13895, 13 Jan 2007

People think that the effect of Gem stones suggested by the
astrologers effect only psychologically but this not true. Gem stones
effect over human being in a manner that can easily be explained in
the light of modern science.

Here are some important points in this matter.

• In most of the cases the gem stone is suggested to be worn in a
particular finger. It is fact that the planets rule over particular
parts of the body and they regulate the secretion of particular
harmones in the body. Below the fingers and on the fingers their are
marms, i.e. some points that we people in astrology name as mounts of
the planets and people concerned with Accupressure and Su-jok therapy
relate them with the different organs of the body.

By wearing the gemstone in the ring a gentle massage is made over
these points and unknowingly the wearer put pressure many a times
over these points. This has an effect over the health of the person
either good or bad. You yourself would have felt sometimes that after
wearing a gemstone some people go sick. This is the effect not of the
graha only, but the effect of unrequired pressure over the marms is
also with it.

• Every Gem Stone has its particular unique chemical structure. The
gem stone is suggested to be worn next to skin in the finger meaning
that the stone should touch the skin. The reason behind it is that
the substance of the Gem stone rubed is absorbed in very little
quantity say in some molicules in the body and it works similarly as
the homeopathic medicine. You should have heard about the homeopathic
medicines made out of these Gem stones by putting the stones in
Alchohal for a period of one day to thirty days. As these medicines
work with patients the aforesaid theory is proved.

• The colour of the Gem stone has an effect over the Aura of the
wearer and it corrects the flaws in the Aura : (sometimes called the
holes in the Aura by the Reki therepists. The Reki therepists also
use the Stones for healing purpose).

• Every Gem stones radiates a paricular type of rays. These rays have
an effect over the person as well as over the atmosphere arround the
wearer and changes the attitude of the persons arround the wearer in
favour of or against him. Also, it increases positivity or negativity
in the wearer.

• It might have an effect over the subconcious of the person so that
he is able to count the risks, decide the methodes, and make
calculations over the possible result and get started at correct time
for the proper work as he is induced for it by his sixth sence, and
it may be called psychological effect also. The opposite is also
possibe if the Gem stone is not suited to him or her.

• The gem stone worn after proper rituals called pran-pratistha and
mantra japa infront of it are more effective. Puja and japa has their
own effect over human being but I have a hypothetical reason for it.

We all know that sound has many effects over the things. Scientists
have proved that a glass tumbler may be broken by producing a
particular frequency of sound. The soldiers are said to break the
Kadamtal crossing over the Bridges as the frequency of it can break
the bridge. It means that the sound frequency can have an effect over
the crystaline structure of the things. The mantra japa; though now a
days it is Moun Japa by Panditjis; if done in audible sound can
effect over the Gem and can correct the flaws of the Gem; if their is
any regarding crystaline structure that radiate proper colour in it,
to increase the possitive effects.

It is unfortunate that we the astrologers have confined ourselves in
the old books only and we are not ready to take help of the modern
science to prove the Scientific Accuracy of our ancient knowledge.To
me it seems that we are afraid of being proved false or might be that
we have a prejudice about the scientists that they are always against
Jyotish and take it for an orthoduct practice .

We have taken it for fact that they will propve it only false due to
their prejudice against ancient Indian Knowledge. But they are
scientist and if they are given a task to bring out the truth they
will certainly do so. I am sure that the day they start research in
scientific way they will start believing in Jyotish as they are doing
in Yoga now.

We must have a firm belief that our knowledge is true, scientific and
benificial for humanity. Gemstones have " powers of their own "
Powers of Mother Earth accumulated in in the ages inside the
Bhugarbh. They give us effect because they control the body
metabolism, absorb and radiate the rays of specific planets coming on
earth from these planets. A gemstone gives effect on not only in a
specific area of life but in every matter of life but we people feel
it in a particular area where we want relief or gain that is the area
we are much woried of or concerned about.

Source: Posted by Pt. Indramani Tripathi, Jabalpur, India

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