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From Srimad Bhagavatam about Rudraksha beads

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Message Number 14663, 23 March 2007

From Srimad Bhagavatam 

He who blames another person holding Rudrâksa beads has defects in his
birth.  It is by holding on Rudrâksa that Brahmâ has remained steady in His Brahmâhood untainted
and the Munis have been true to their resolves. So there is no act
better and higher than holding the Rudrâksa beads. He who gives
clothing and food to a person holding Rudrâksa beads with devotion is
freed of all sins and goes to the S'iva Loka. He who feasts gladly any
holder of such beads at the time of S'râdh, goes undoubtedly to the
Pitri Loka. He who washes the feet of a holder of Rudrâksa and drinks
that water, is freed of all sins and resides with honour in the S'iva
Loka. If a Brâhmana holds with devotion the Rudrâksa beads with a
necklace and gold, he attains the Rudrahood. O Intelligent One!
Wherever whoever holds with or without faith and devotion the Rudrâksa
beads with or without any mantra, is freed of all sins and is entitled
to the Tattvajñâna. I am unable to describe fully the greatness of the
Rudrâksa beads. In fact, all should by all means hold the Rudrâksa
beads on their bodies.

***(Posted by Hiroppi at RSBC, 23 March 2007)

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