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Awakening of the Upa Guru

Posted on: October 30, 2008

Awakening of the Upa Guru 

The purpose of holy rudraksha is awakening of the Upa Guru (self). 
We have Guru within us as we are all part of the same divine light 
that created us. Through our Karma, faith, devotion and holy 
rudraksha, we can awaken ourselves to get self realisation 
(enlightenment). The Great saints of the past like Sai Baba, 
Buddha, Meera Bai, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Jesus Christ, Mother 
Teresa to count among millions were all enlightened by Upa Gurus 
and not by any Human Guru.

Once a person is enlightened he realises that:

He is Brahman the Pure Soul.

His inner weaknesses of anger, greed, pride and deceit are destroyed.

He experiences self bliss.

Doership and worries diminish as he understands who is the real 

He sees his own faults instead of seeing the faults of others. 
This results in inner peace and harmony in life.

He is moved to ask for forgiveness for one’s mistakes.

He realises that one’s soul is absolutely free and pure regardless 
of the weaknesses of the body-mind-ego complex.

He strives to unite with the holy light to achieve Moksha which 
is ultimate bliss.

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